Reason 85: Because It’s Not Experienced Adults You’re Sending To The First Grade

I can remember things happening to me in school that were horrible. But my parents sent me there, so I just thought that was part of the program. It’s easy to forget  a young child’s perspective. They have almost zero life experience and cannot interpret their worlds from an adult’s perspective.

Children are naive and will simply accept what ought to be rejected.

With this in mind let’s look at a story by “The Blaze“. A child brings home some papers and the grandmom just so happens to see the words to a little song they’re learning about Islam. Ig goes like this:

Like a sandstorm in the desert, sending camels into motion,
like how a single faith can make a heart open,
they might only have one god, 

but they can make an explosion.

And making explosions seems to be the calling card of Islam… well, that and silence from so called “moderates”.

The article:

Shocked Grandmom Says She Would’ve Never Found Out About Teacher’s Islam Song if Her Grandson Didn’t Accidentally Bring the Lyrics Home

The teacher then involved students [in the singing], but Susan Negron, the grandmother of one student in the class, said she would not have known the middle schoolers were singing the song had her grandson not accidentally brought the lyrics home.

So there you have it. Did the child come running home yelling, Hey mom!! We’ve been singing about Alah today… and explosions? Of course not. The child is sent there for an education. He’s not in a position to judge that education. That’s the parent’s job. And if the parent’s doing the job, he’ll judge the state as a failure with ulterior motives; some of which are to indoctrinate your child into Islam. But no worries ,I guess. At least it’s not Christianity they’re being told about. You can bet on that.




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