Reason 87: Because Who Wants A Robot For A Child?

This is Noam Chomsky. He is an elitist liberal and as such a hostile witness. He is explaining modern institutionalized education circa 1990 when homeschooling as we know it today was still a fledgling. He calls the institution’s ways,  indoctrination into conformity of thought and action. As an elitist liberal his problem is not with the institution so much as with how the institution was making its robots. The hell he would rather create for your child and her society, in the name of a social-justice Utopia, would only be a hell of a different color.

He is old now, and no closer to his dreams. Young people entering the institution this year who will be brainwashed into secular humanism. And they will also die having come no closer to their dreams of Utopia either, but instead closer to hell on earth.

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