Reason 91: Because Bullies Are Bad, Even If The Bully Is An Institution

From “The Blaze”:

Top-Performing Home-Schoolers Told They Can’t Compete in Science Fair This Year, Despite Over a Decade of Participation

From the article:

Home-schooled students and their parents in New Mexico protested with signs this week that said “Let us compete!” after they were told they could not be included in a science fair competition.

According to KOAT-TV, a group of home-schooled students wished to compete in Science Olympiad as they had for the past 11 years. This year though, they were told state law prohibited them from entering the competition.

But typical of bullies, they are masters at making the victim seem unreasonable, and at fault. And this is no different. It seems that the state began to enforce old rules that required the homeschoolers to join up with local public schools. Another bit:

KOAT reported that students could join a public school team, but that could pose a problem. Some schools do not have an established team and those that do are already well into running their programs, making it potentially too late for the home-schoolers to join.

Oh, well how about that? So sorry.

Bullies, and Bully institutions alike, cannot suffer competition. So being stronger they use their strength to shove those they don’t like to the ground. And that’s what has happened here. So if you have any illusions that it’s all about the children, be illusioned no more… lest your illusions become delusions. If the institution was for children, then one would think that it would live up to its own mantra of “inclusion”. But, again, that’s just another lie promulgated by the institution. It’s not tolerant, and it’s not inclusive. It is, however, hypocritical to the extreme.

Anyone who still thinks that the institution is for anything except the institution is deceived. But science fair or no science fair, your child will fair much better by living his young life under the training of someone who loves her, and the institution doesn’t.

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