Reason 92: Because You Don’t Want Your Children Watering The Tree Of Political Correctness With Their Blood

A few months ago the boy who has come to be known as “clock boy” brought what looked like a suitcase bomb to school. Oh, and he was a Muslim… not that you should ever draw a connection between “Muslim” and indiscriminately blowing things up, especially if it’s other poor slobs standing next to the device… and not you. And I’ll assume you know the rest of the story, even the part where Obama took the poor rattled child under his wing, and his law suit for millions because the schoolhouse hurt his feelings, and all that.

So what are the ramifications? Can you imagine a kid, who happens to be a Muslim–not that there’s any connection between Muslims and bombs mind you–who also happens to bring his science project to school, that just so happens to look exactly like a bomb. What is the schoolhouse to do? Risk getting sued? Risk being accused of Islamophobia? There are worst ways to die than by having your body instantly desegregated by a non-bomb that turned out to be a non-n0n bomb. But for sure, it will cause a dilemma for the one attempting to protect children in the future who happen to be in proximity of some sort of “device”, while at the same time navigating the tricky and booby-trapped jungle of political correctness.

Now contrast this to what would have happened to clock boy at airport security. But first, ask yourself, who hangs out in airports? All you need to know is that it’s not children. No, airports are filled with real people who are against late-in-life abortions, even if they are carried out by a protected class.  Not so in the school house. Why these poor  womb-escapees still have the smell of a Planned Parenthood office about them. They’re barely this side of the ragged edge of constitutional protection. So if anybody’s blood is going to be watering any tree of political correctness, it might as well be theirs.

In the airport a person can’t even say bomb, not even those who have risen to the top echelons of  victimhood, much less attempt to slip something that looks like one through the “security” apparatus.  Real people are serious about real protection. And real schoolhouses are serious about turning children into victims, even if they have to become victims to do it.

Your child deserves better. Moral clarity is not that difficult if objective truth has not been discarded. Love your child. Protect your child. And for goodness’ sake, get them out of the schools.

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