Reason 102: Because The Institution Will Put As Much Porn In Your Children’s Hands As They Can Get By With

Here ‘s a story that’s been on going. It involves a poor father, William Baer, who finally discovers that the schoolhouse is no place for his child. Unfortunately he thought it was an isolated event, and so tried to fix it… and got himself arrested. From the CBS story:

Baer’s daughter was assigned to read “Nineteen Minutes,” by Jodi Picoult, for her Gilford High School English class… There is some controversial material in the book, including a sex scene. “It reads like a transcript for a triple-X porno movie,” said Baer. “We had no notice of it whatsoever, no written notice, no verbal, nothing.” He took his concerns to a school board meeting. When he exceeded the allotted two minutes for public comments, he was told to stop talking. When he refused, he was arrested.

So what was the standard that the schoolhouse uses for “appropriate” material? The story gives us a clue here also:

School officials have said it has important themes, and its defenders say it’s thought-provoking and appropriate for the ninth graders who’ve read it there for years.

So there you have it. As long as your children’s porn “themes” provoke “thought”, and it has become “normal” based on the fact that they’ve been reading the porn for years, why then that makes it just hunky-dory cool as can be.

I hope this dad sees the evil that’s being perpetrated on his precious child. I hope is brings her home and fills her mind with things which are pure, righteous, praiseworthy and true. I hope he does.

H/T Glenn




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