Reason 105: Because The Institution Is Bankrupt When It Comes To Real Answers To Real Questions

I have a pastor friend who teaches school and who also keeps an excellent blog. He posted on the subject of suicide not too long ago, and the fact that the institution could only refer to it as a “bad choice”. Of course the state has its Secular Humanist gurus that present themselves as “experts”. But the institution and its gurus are in reality bankrupt when it comes to anything deeper than the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.

From his article:

Recently I had to take some online training for being a teacher with the Jason Foundation. This prompted me to think about their claims that Suicide is a Bad Choice. In other words, when it comes to telling other children not to commit suicide, the best reason they could give was that it was a “bad choice.” They could not give any rationale for the reason it was a bad choice, which shows the emptiness of their worldview.

I know that the people at the Jason Foundation are trying to be noble in their attempts to reduce teen suicide. After all, the founder lost his own son to suicide. However, unless they are going to look at the truth of the matter through the lens of biblical principles, they really have no moral standing whatsoever. What makes this even worse is that they are fighting for legislation that would make teachers more responsible for the mental well-being of the potential suicide perp. As if somehow, a teacher, who gets maybe three minutes a day with each student can observe the potential for suicide in their students.

When it comes to all things concerning the god/state, the law is king. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a law. The only problem is laws don’t change people’s hearts. More from the article:

The problem is that no one will really stand up against this legislation and teachers will be burdened with becoming health-care professionals without the training or the pay to go with it. The legislation will be put forth under the guise of “if it saves just one more teen” and everyone will get all sappy and agree and the responsibility of mental health for teens… will be on the teachers of America.

This is an excellent article, and I must admit that I didn’t realize that there was an actual name for the state’s usurpation of parenthood in the institution:

This is done under the often abused term in the teaching field known as loco parentis. It’s a Latin term meaning the teachers are the ones who are actually the parents. It’s a load of crap, but alas, it’s hard to tell the king that he is naked when all his court is naked as well.

Teachers are not the child’s parents, and unless you give us full authority for that responsibility, do not give us the responsibility.

This is an excellent article from ground zero, and he has more to say on the matter, and I encourage you to click over and give it a read. And keep in mind that your child does not have to be indoctrinated in a system that has no real answers to life’s deepest questions.

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