Reason 106: Because There Is A Fair Standard, And There Is The State Education Standard, And They Are Not The Same

From Breitbart:

Muslim Students Association Hosts High School ‘Walk a Mile in Her Hijab’ Event

From the article:

According to the Daily Herald, six members of the school’s MSA spent an entire morning placing hijabs on 17 non-Muslim girls as they discussed the garb’s meaning and tenets of the Muslim religion.

One non-Muslim girl–wearing a red hijab–said with more girls wearing them around school, “it could bring more acceptance to the religion and have more people become more aware.”

Jon Guillaume, principal of Vernon Hills High, expressed admiration for the MSA members.


Three things about this:

First, I’m fine with students sponsoring this event. Why would I not be? No one is coerced to become a Muslim. Of course I’m not fine with sending my child to the place where I find it okay to do such things.

Second, I’m fine with a “walk-a-mile-as-a-Christian” event too. But does anyone really believe that such an event’s going to get those warm fuzzy feelings inside from the state? Of course not. Is the principal going to “express admiration” for such an event? Or is he going to get all up tight and start to blab like a monkey on a string with “concerns” about the so-called “separation of church and state”? That’s because the state’s at war with Christianity and in love with Islam. My opinion is that the state loves slavery, and Islam is a slave religion that wields power ruthlessly and with cruelty, and the statist can’t get enough of that.

Third, the state religion is secular humanism. That means that it sees all religions as subservient to itself. Islam doesn’t have a problem with that thinking because Islam seeks to become the state. For the Muslim there is no distinction between the two. But Christians will not bow their knee to such things. They desire to live free.

So if you like the idea of your child becoming a Muslim slave to the Caliphate with the state’s glowing approval, then government schooling is going to be a heaven-send for you. You can be the first parent on your block to have your daughter sportin’ a fancy hijab round your neighborhood. And if you’re really lucky, your son might even attain to 72 virgins by blowing your neighbors up.

But if you want your child to live free, you’ll keep them home and teach them well.

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