Reason 109: Because The Schoolhouse Is Just As Sexualized As Your nightly Television Entertainment

Linked below is a story about the epidemic of school teachers having sex with their students, and I’m probably going to shock you a little regarding my stance on this, but I’m all for it… and I’m not being sarcastic. It is the institution that is confused on the subject. It is the institution that teaches that all kinds of sex between all kinds of individuals, under all kinds of circumstances is the best thing ever. It’s the institution that teaches that no one can judge anyone for their moral choices but it’s OK to judge those who insist that some things are immoral as immoral. It is the institution that teaches that what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another, and vice versa. In other words, the institution teaches insanity, and by teaching it, it paints itself into a corner because now it wants to judge others and to call to account those who want to act as if what they’ve been taught as truth their whole life by the institution is actually true. But there’s one gigantic problem. It’s not true. The institution teaches lies.

But not me. I think my position is one of moral clarity.

So to explain my stance. I think God created men and women to get married, to become one flesh, and to have children. If two people want to get married and have sex and children I think that’s one of the greatest things ever. May they be fruitful and multiply. There’s no moratorium on marriage and marital sex based on vocation. If one person is a teacher and the other a student, what’s the problem? Well, as it turns out, the state, for whatever reason, does have a problem with it. Of course it has no problem with your daughter being used as a semen urinal by the football team, just so long as she’s all in for the ride. But they don’t want one of their employees standing in that line. For reasons only known to the elitists running the institution, they’re just as gung ho as they can be for teachers defiling the minds of the poor souls placed in their charge, but they’ve drawn the line at teachers participating in defiling them physically.

It’s amusing to read this article though, and to watch them turn themselves into logical pretzels as they attempt to work within their own framework of “no absolutes”, and at the same time figure out how they can impose absolutes. They like to play word games by using euphemisms like “inappropriate”, and “improper”, rather than sin. I kind of feel sorry for them, but not as sorry as I feel for the children they’re confusing.

So here’s the story from Breitbart:

Teacher-Student Sex Rampant in Texas, Lawmakers Seek Solutions

Texas lawmakers held a hearing this week on the rampant number of educators who cross the line and engage in improper sexual relationships with their students. The abhorrent conduct violates the trust placed in them to protect pre-K to 12th grade school children.

Remember, no matter how red your state is, the schoolhouse is so dark blue it’s black, just like your state is going to be when they’re done with a few more generations of your children. But also remember, it doesn’t have to be that way for you.



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  1. Christians know it is wrong for teachers to abuse their positions like that, but the Left can’t ground their alleged disapproval of it. After all, if they are handing out condoms like candy to kids as young as 11, why would it be wrong for them to use them with adults?

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