Reason 111: Because Casting Off Tradition Is Not Education

There’s an old saying, “No matter where you go, there  you are.” And we can tailor this to the education institution’s insanity too. “No matter what tradition you cast off, there will be a tradition that needs to be cast off”. So here we have an elitist product of the institution doing exactly what the elitist institution has taught her to do.

From Breitbart:

A report states that Eujin Jaela Kim, a public school principal in Brooklyn, has banned virtually all celebrations that run afoul of far-left political correctness.

From the New York Post:

Santa Claus is banned. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited. “Harvest festival” has replaced Thanksgiving, and “winter celebrations” substitute for Christmas parties.

So your child can’t be taught to pledge allegiances, because allegiances are based on nationalism, and nationalism leads to war.

And your child can’t be taught gratitude, because gratitude suggests there is one to which we owe gratitude who is above the state. Can’t have that!

And your child can’t be taught about Christmas, because Christmas points to a Savior, and a Savior suggests the need for salvation, and the need for salvation suggests that man is not basically good. Can’t have that!!

If there’s a tradition, no matter how old or engrained in the human psyche, they’re going to try to cast it off. It will go on and on because what they really hate is what is in their own hearts. Little do they know that the children they teach will eventually cast off the tradition of casting off tradition, and will probably settle on a religion that is willing to die for the very cause of America hating, Jesus hating, Jew hating that the institution was too cowardly to admit existed in their hearts in the first place.

This is foolery of course. People are going to be people, and the institution is not going to train people to not be people. The only question that remains is what WILL they succeed in training children to be? It’s all a grand experiment, and only time will tell. But just remember that your child is precious, and you don’t have to send him to the social laboratory to be experimented on by moronic elitists who think themselves wiser than they ought.


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8 responses to “Reason 111: Because Casting Off Tradition Is Not Education

  1. This school is a public school.
    That means that the religious traditions of all the different religions have no place there.
    Private schools have the opportunity to give their schooling under a religious umbrella. The problem in the US is that public schools are funded by the state, which has the obligation to endorse separation of church and state. Private schools are funded by the (expensive) tuition fees of the parents and gifts.
    So here you have parents that want that their child education should be include religion. However they have no financial means to send their child to a private school. They have to send their child to a public school. To demand of a public school to be religious is against the following division of church and state. What I do find rather double standard that they rename the religious celebrations. What is also double standards if you allow religious celebrations in public school why leave out the celebrations of other denomination besides the Christian one?
    The Pledge, for me being Dutch, this American tradition, is to me rather dubious. Starting at a young age to let children pledge alligance to the US is not ethical to me. You can ask a pledge of a soldier or a civil servants. Why also use the pledge where Eisenhower added God to it!
    Before you answer realise that I am a religious person, Catholic, so keep that factor in mind.

    • You are wrong of course on all counts. The state doesn’t separate religion and education in the education institution. It indoctrinates all children in the religion of secular humanism. It is impossible to be neutral. This is true for you, and the institution. It is not neutral, for example, to find the pledge of allegiance unethical. To find anything unethical is a held ethical position, not neutrality. I would suggest that you base that ethical position on something more substantial than your own opinion.

      This is only reason 111 for why you should home school your child. There are many more. At the end some of these reasons I make the case that if you want the state to indoctrinate your child into a confused worldview of pluralism, Islam, sexual perversion and America hatred, by all means get them down to the schoolhouse.

      • You are right that the separation of church and state isn’t said explicitly but for instance John Dickinson, one of the Founding Fathers wrote:
        Religion and Government are certainly very different Things, instituted for different Ends; the design of one being to promote our temporal Happiness; the design of the other to procure the Favour of God, and thereby the Salvation of our Souls. While these are kept distinct and apart, the Peace and welfare of Society is preserved, and the Ends of both are answered. By mixing them together, feuds, animosities and persecutions have been raised, which have deluged the World in Blood, and disgraced human Nature.’ In the spirit as shown by this example other Founding Fathers wrote statements like this one.

        Homeschooling purpose is to teach children the way you want, how you want it. There is an issue that isn’t addressed. Homeschooling makes the parent controlling what kind of input comes from the outside world. Does however shielding a child prepares it for the world when they enter it to find their place in it. How does shielding of prepare for dealing with the world if they weren’t exposed to it. To try to in the end is loosing controle because of to much pressure used to achieve control.
        Another point: Do you have no faith in raising your child into the adult you want them to be. And have you so little trust in your children’s capabilities to enter the world with the believes and convictions the were you were present laying the foundations of?

      • Homeschooling purpose is to teach children the way you want, how you want it.

        Yes, instead of a secular humanist state teaching my child the way they want to, how they want to.

        Does however shielding a child prepares it for the world when they enter it to find their place in it. How does shielding of prepare for dealing with the world if they weren’t exposed to it.

        False premise and dichotomy. The false premise is that homeschooling isolates. Simply not true. In fact, the opposite is true. Government school isolates. My children are exposed to much much more than they would be if educated by the state.

        The false dichotomy is that you either send your child off to an evil institution for indoctrination into secular humanism, or you are isolating them and hampering their ability to understand the world that they will be heading off to when they grow up. I, of course, reject them both the fallacy and false premise. Homeschooling is the loving thing to do for a child. The child will grow up more sure of who she is, more confident in herself and her abilities, and better educated. And of course she’s going to look “different” to a world steeped in secular humanism. And she will even be hated, as your Bible explains. I intend to give 365 reasons to home school. This is only the one hundred and eleventh. There are many more. If you are dutch I’m afraid it may be too late for you. I’m not even sure your government will even allow you to take the better course. I’m very sorry for you if that is truly the case.

        Thought you might like this:

    • Thanksgiving was a “religious” holiday originated by our first president. The idea was to give thanks to God for our many blessings. The fact that this God is the only true God, and that we should still thank Him for our blessings, is something that should be ingrained in our children. If it is decided that it is too religious, then just eliminate it rather than replacing it with another festival celebrating the humanist religion.

      Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Always has been. We have secular religious holidays celebrating secular heroes such as Martin Luther King, yet somehow that’s okay and Christmas isn’t? Just what are we celebrating with “winter celebrations”? Another religious idea from the humanists. Again, if Christmas is too religious, the remove it rather than replacing it with a humanist celebration.

      I don’t particularly care for pleading allegiance in the public school. But whether or not one says “under God” is irrelevant, because every nation is under God whether they acknowledge Him or not. But I don’t see how it is “unethical” to have them pledge their allegiance to the country in which they are receiving all their freedoms.

      • You missed the point I was making. Please reread!

        The pledge in its origin was in no way it has evolved into. The present day one leaves out those that have different religious believes.
        You are allowed to refuse to have to the pledge but only since the forties. But if you refuse pere pressures, negativity of the teaching staff can be the consequence. So how free is a student to refuse to recite the pledge.

        Even in kindergarten children recite the pledge. Do they understand the words, the meaning, the essence of the pledge? No, they are to small to grasp it. Still they say it, year after year.
        If you assume that this reciting will teach a person the values of freedom, uninion and democracy, you assume wrong.

        As I said before somewhere in this post, I am Dutch. Freedom, is celebrated every year here on May 5th, by the young and those that experienced war. On May 4th at 08.00 pm the whole country in every village,towns, big cities remember those that died in and the price of freedom did cost in human lives and suffering. Young and old attending.

  2. Homeschooling makes the parent controlling what kind of input comes from the outside world. Does however shielding a child prepares it for the world when they enter it to find their place in it. How does shielding of prepare for dealing with the world if they weren’t exposed to it.

    Those who properly homeschool do indeed control the input from the outside world: we teach that sexual relations are for marriage only and that homosexuality is an abomination to God. We teach that evolution is a fraud and totally unscientific. We teach against political-correctness, teach that people have responsibilities and aren’t entitled to everything they want, etc, etc.

    “Shielding” children from the stuff even adults should be subjected to is perfect for helping them to be able to deal with the world. In fact, the vast majority of homeschooled people are BETTER able to deal with the world because they are usually more mature and better educated. The public school still teaches children to remain children until they are in their mid-20s at least, while homeschoolers usually teach their children to be young adults at puberty – you know, like the old days 150 years ago when the men were marrying at 16 and women at 13-14, which is how our bodies were designed by God. The whole idea of keeping them as children well into their 20s is why sexual immorality is rife; their bodies are prepared for marriage but modern cultures has kept their brains from being led to maturity.

  3. I need to make one more comment about claims that home-schooled kids are isolated.

    My kids were never “isolated” as homeschoolers. My daughter volunteered at the local library reading books to children, and then became a part-time librarian. In our band, my son was a drummer and ended up at 13 being 2nd in command of the drum section, while my daughter was a Highland dancer. We often performed at various venues as a family, where both would have to interact with the audience before and after the performances.

    While public school kids usually spent their vacations at amusement parks, we took camping trips to teach history, geology, geography, etc. We traveled the Oregon trail and walked many ruts. We traveled the National Road and walked many of the old bridges and road sections. For both trips we researched and acquired maps to be able to go on or view as much of the original traces as possible. We went to Olympic National Park, Grand Canyon, Canyon De Chelly, Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater, Smokey Mountain National Park, Gettysburg, Antietam, Bull Run, Smithsonian Museum of American History and National Air & Space Museum, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Custer Battlefield, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Acadia National Park, all the “Little House on the Prairie” sites in Minnesota and South Dakota, Algonquin Provincial Park, Niagara Falls and Ft. Niagara, Ft. Ticonderoga, Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village, and all points between these places and many others all across the USA. We hiked mountains, rain forests, beaches, canoed rivers and lakes, etc, etc, etc. They didn’t just learn from books — they LIVED it.
As a teen our son went around the neighborhood hiring himself out as a lawnmower in the summers and snow-shoveler in the winters. Our daughter ended up spending 5 years in college on the dean’s list with 4.0 grades with a double major of elementary education and music, and is now an elementary school music teacher, while our son fell in love with woodworking and does that for a living.

    Yeah, they spent their lives so isolated and shielded.

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