Reason 113: Because The State Will Never Give Up On Your Child

Here we have an update from the reddish state of Tennessee from the good guys at the ACLJ (the title of this article not withstanding):

There. You see? Victory.

It’s now safe for you guys down in the Volunteer State to send your child back to the institution for a good education with the promise of that high-paying cubical job.

But wait? aaahhh. It only says that the state will “review” the concerns. Well may I put your mind at ease? The state may not be trustworthy in much, but you can absolutely trust it to not give up on your child when it comes to turning her into a slave. “Review” is master talk. And thinking that anything has been “solved” is slave thinking. This is the typical whack-a-mole game that has been played by the institution for decades. The only people who think they’re experiencing victory are those who only look for the rodent in one hole.

The article chronicles the ACLJ’s activities and their requests for more information from the state and the state’s reaction:

Our initial request sought documentation regarding the specific educational activities occurring in the context of the world religions portion of the state-mandated social studies curriculum, as well as records demonstrating the sources utilized in establishing the curriculum and identifying the individuals who determined the specifics of that curriculum. It came as no surprise that most school districts were not eager to turn over that information, and delayed responses ensued.

See? Whack-a-mole. But I would say that six or so decades ago it was very different. There might have been ten moles in ten holes, but there were 7 or 8 people with hammers.  But the institution was content to exploit what it could and in every succeeding generation there have been more holes and less hammers. Now there are almost no hammers and lots and more holes and moles, because the state will never give up on your child. But providence has made a way, for the time being, for you to exit their game. But it’s up to you to take advantage of it.

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