Reason 114: Because Don’t Be A Moron. Your Child Needs A Parent

I’ll just include this one excerpt from this article:

Wisconsin parents quickly united to block a pro-homosexual activist from pitching her pro-transgender claim to their six-year-old kids, despite getting only one school day of warning from local school officials. 

Let me be clear. This is not some isolated event. It is a tidal wave. And it is not stopped by thwarting a ripple.

And let me be more clear. This story is not about a school in Wisconsin. It is about the Federal Government Run Education Institution… which includes the little innocent looking windowless brick schoolhouse down the street from your house.  The advancement of perversion will be relentless because the institution will be relentless. And the institution can afford to be relentless because it has a never ending supply of cash to fund its advancement relentlessly. And that never ending supply of cash comes from–you guessed it–you.  You must understand, these people own the institution from its highest levels, and they own the taxing authority.

They want your child’s mind, and they aim to get it, and they’ll send you the bill for the favor. Winning a small battle in a small town does not a victory make. They need your children. This is not the year 2000.  All pretenses about their designs have been cast off. Save your child from the heartache. You have no choice about their confiscation of your resources, but for now, you do have a choice about their confiscation of your children. Don’t willingly go with the flow.

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