Reason 115: Because The Institution Is A Confederacy Of Evil

If there is an evil, God-hating, liberal organization out there somewhere, you can just bet that the schoolhouse has the red carpet laid out for it at the front door because we know that birds of a feather flock together. It’s not like there is the education institution over here, and the butchers at Planned Parenthood over there. No, the institution and Planned Parenthood are one, and they are one in the same way that any number of other organization with evil designs for your child’s mind are one. To see them as separate entities is folly. It would behoove you to just see them all as different departments in one big Confederacy of Evil.

This leads us to the point of this post, which is a study, called the Kinsey Study, made famous by one of the departments of the Confederacy of Evil, the so-called “mainstream media”, who themselves were also thoroughly indoctrinated into an evolutionist’s mindset.

Have you ever heard of Alfred Kinsey? If you haven’t, and you are a parent who is sending your children to the institution for an education, please don’t take this wrong, but I feel sorry for your children… and I mean that. I really do, because if you are ignorant of the evils increasingly prevalent in your world, how can you possibly protect your children from them, much less equip them to protect themselves?

I happened across this blog called “While it’s yet day“, that posted a you tube video discussing the Kinsey Study and its content. This video and blog post catalogs a bit of the depths of the depraved despair of the institution and our culture, which includes sexual abuse of young children in the name of “science”. If it seems our days are getting darker, there is a reason, and the public education institution is playing a vital role in that reason.

From “While it’s yet day”:

The understanding that we have of childhood sexuality and normal childhood sexual development as it is believed and taught in academia today comes from the experimental evidence documented in Kinsey’s report published in 1948 with the childhood sexuality tables that we have just discussed. It is absolutely astonishing that this is taken as the basis of what we understand to be normal childhood sexual development.

And when I try to explain this to colleagues in the type of science I’m involved with in what I call the harder sciences of biology or medicine, statistics, immunology, they do not believe what I’m trying to tell them. And the only way I can convince them of the truth of this is to go to the library, pull off the shelf of Alfred Kinsey’s books and show them what is inside. And it’s quite shocking.

Of course, this is one thing; a study that was done a half-century ago. But remember, it is a Confederacy of Evil. A bit more from the blog post:

  • Working with the Kinsey team was Mary Calderone, medical director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1953 to 1964. She later founded the Sex Information and Educational Council of the United States.
  • Teachers in the US are only trained in the Kinsey sex education model.
  • Sex conditioning under the guise of AIDS prevention begins in Kindergarten.

We, as citizens in a dark culture become darkened ourselves without even realizing it. And we make our children even darker than we are by sending them right into the bowels of the Confederacy of Evil. But no one has to do that, and I urge all to stop doing it now, while “it is yet day”.


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3 responses to “Reason 115: Because The Institution Is A Confederacy Of Evil

  1. Of course, it’s not an overreach to call it “a conspiracy of evil”. The “conspiracy” term is bantered about and most often laughed at these days. But this really is just that, a conspiracy of evil. It’s not some left wing political party or some pro-abort groups or even the gays. It is Satan’s ongoing efforts to counter God’s work and it is perpetrated by those who are blinded by the god of this world. And that’s worse than any human conspiracy.

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