Reason 120: Because The Institution Is Not A Schoolhouse, It’s A Democrat Factory


Does Mike Rowe have a mouse in his pocket? “We” are not doing this at all. “They” are doing this. I’m certainly not.

A woman decided to homeschool her children, so she fixed up a room in her house with three school desks and a whiteboard in front of the room. In other words she fixed her “school room” in her house to mimic the only definition of “school” that she’d ever known. So her plan was, rather than send her child to the institution, she would recreate the institution in her own home. It was all she knew. She was a product of the institution herself.

This is pretty typical I think. But in time the homeschooler figures out that children are made to learn. It would be almost impossible to stop them from learning, but not completely impossible. The state has proven that, and for good reason. The state school is not a school at all, it’s a sham that pretends to be a school as cover for a massive tax-dollar-funded, political-party campaign-apparatus. People who are not defined by Mike Rowe’s description above are not as  likely to be government dependents who can be trusted to vote for their welfare rather than to work for it. And they are indoctrinated that government is the benevolent god/state that provides for all their needs, just so long as they vote for the good guys.

Is what I’m saying outrageous? Is Mike Rowe’s voice a lone voice? Is anyone out there lauding the American education institution? with all it’s wonderful achievements? Of course not. But we will still throw more and more cash at a system in the name of education, and all the while we will be unwittingly throwing money toward shyster politicians who know how to pull wealth-worshipping plebes’ pull-strings.

But it doesn’t have to be this way for your child, and you need to know that.

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