Reason 121: Because Your Children Are Suppose To Be Yours, Not The State’s

Here we have an older video showing an elitist woman talking about the state’s children. Because when you reject God, the state becomes god. And when the state becomes god, then the state determines who owns what. And if it determines that your children need to be owned by the state, then that will be the case. They they can become Melissa Harris-Perry’s new slave class.

She says that “we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.” Make no mistake, when she says your children “belong” to the “community”, that’s new-speak for “they belong to the state”.

So where did this woman ever get such a notion? Was it indoctrinated into her brain by her parents? Or do you think she might have picked it up somewhere else?

This is Marxism. She doesn’t use words like communism, or socialism. There seems to be an endless supply of new “-isms” to replace the strained “-isms” that are all Marxism and atheism underneath. But it’s not like she’s talking about some future thing. She’s talking about what has been going on for decades in the past, and what has been happening for decades now. I’m sorry, but if you send your child to the god/state to be taught, know that they will be taught to think like that god wants them to think… just like Melissa Harris-Perry was trained to think.

But by miracle you may still deprive the state from turning your child into a Melissa Harris-Perry clone (only with lots less dough). You can keep them home, and train them about the real purpose of government, and what true freedom looks like.

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