Reason 126: Because Children Were Not Designed For The State School

If there’s one thing I’ve learned writing this blog it’s that the institution outgrew its charter to teach children long ago. “Teaching” is simply no longer its main purpose. I’d say that it’s number one purpose is to advance socialism and the democrat party. But bringing masses of children into the system is a messy business because, well, they’re people. They have minds of their own… at least for the time being. But worse than that they’re very young people who were never designed to be stuck in a classroom sitting at a desk for most of their young waking hours.

The last thing the institution wants to deal with is the actual humanity of the poor souls put under its charge. So that’s where big pharmaceutical gets its cut of the education money-pie. With modern medicine, the children can be made to look like the little machines the state desires them to be until they can be turned into real machines.

Please don’t let the self-serving state turn your normal, healthy child into a drug addict! Keep him home where he is loved, and will get the best education, and actually have fun doing it.


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