Reason 127: Because The Institution Is Lawless

Here we have a story from the guys at the Alliance Defending Freedom:

Wyoming school district lifts ban on private prayer in school cafeterias

WHEATLAND, Wyo. – Platte County School District #1 has lifted its ban on non-disruptive, private prayer in its school cafeterias after receiving a letter from Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of three students that explained that such prayer is completely legal and constitutional.

…The parent of three of the children discussed the situation with Twiford and District Superintendent Dennis Fischer, but the two stood by the ban, claiming that the Constitution prohibited the prayer because any other students observing it were a “captive audience,” according to information they claimed to read from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Well yes, of course it’s legal and constitutional. It doesn’t take twenty years in lawyer school to know that the law against  “…prohibiting the free exercise…” of something means that it is not to be prohibited.  On the contrary, it might take twenty years of indoctrination to finally come around to “not prohibit the free exercise of” something actually means that the free exercise of that thing must be prohibited, which is exactly what happened in this school. But what should one expect when the institution goes to lawless organizations like the ACLU for clarity on law? This is just more whack-a-mole games. The ACLU and the institution, which in reality are one, lost on this one. But rest assured, they will never give up on your child… IF your child is placed in their charge.

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