Reason 128: Because You Don’t Want To Fail The Parent Test

The headline from this story caught my attention. It asks a true/false question:

This is one test you don’t want to fail. Religion is not under attack in the classroom. Indeed the state has established Secular Humanism as the religion that will be taught to your child. Islam is not under attack in the classroom either. Hinduism, Buddhism or Wicca is not under attack either.  But Christianity is. And in the same way that one doesn’t give his five year old a gun and send him into the war being waged against him by the enemy, he definitely ought not send his five year old into the enemy’s camp for indoctrination either… even if the enemy does promise he’ll grow up and get that great desk job with good health beni’s.

Please don’t buy the “diversity” line either; that there all kinds of religions represented and all have to be tolerant of all others. The institution is not tolerant of diversity and indeed fears it.  Say it with me, “There is no diversity in the state school.”

From the article:

Just this week we were made aware of some significantly concerning assignments given to English students at a public high school in West Virginia. Specifically, it appears the teacher has been promoting a negative attitude toward Christianity, evidencing a hostility toward religion that runs afoul of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Additionally, a recent quiz given by the same teacher asked students to identify the truth or falsity of certain statements, including statements that constitute matters of religious belief and others that are not only unnecessarily controversial and inappropriate but also matters of pure opinion. In light of constitutional restrictions and requirements regarding public school curricular matters, it is clear that such assignments have no place in the classroom. Even setting aside the constitutional concerns, it is simply difficult to comprehend any component of the English curricular standards that is furthered by such exercises.

And all of this while Islam is treated with the warmest of affections.

I do hate to break it to you but the government school is a lost cause. It is a democrat factory, and democrats have always been all in for slavery, and it does not discriminate. Any color slave will do, just so long as the slave worships the state and gives them unfettered dictatorial control.

But while your child might have to live with slaves, who act like slaves and think as slaves. She does not have to BE a slave. You CAN teach her better, and you ought to.


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