Reason 129: Because Why Would You Want Your Child To Be Taught Hatred?

Disharmony, chaos, division… and yes hatred, are all wins for the state. And anything that is a win for the state is a win for the institution. But it makes your child out to be a loser, not only a loser in society, but in his own skin. Keeping blacks and guilty white liberals whipped into a mindless froth due to pass injustices does nothing for healing, but instead keeps injustices that happened to have happened in an extremely narrow band of history, alive and in the forefront.

Here is the article from a local news station:

Controversial Dayton HS assignment prompts apology

Evidently the children had to write something on this picture:

Yes, it’s great to prejudge all policemen as KKK thugs, and to paint all young boys who happen to be black as nice little victims. That is great if want your child to grow up a hater.

But if you teach your child at home, you can teach him that no human being, be they black, white, red, yellow or no matter what profession, has escaped the ravages of his sinful nature. And you can teach him that in all walks of life, there are those who conquer their propensity to sin by conquering and restraining themselves, and there are those who don’t. And of those who don’t, no race has managed to corner the market on righteousness or sin. Teach them that, and they will grow up to be descent human beings. But let the institution plant the blaming, revenge and hatred seed in your child’s mind and he will reap a whirlwind of self-destruction, which will make him ripe for slavery.

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