Reason 131: Because Crocodile Tears Don’t Fix Anything

From DailyMail

Texas high school math teacher, 28, arrested over ‘sexual contact’ with 17-year-old students after ‘seducing one on a Christian training program

A 28-year-old high school maths teacher has been arrested over alleged sexual relationships with two 17-year-old students.

Haeli Wey, who taught math at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, was booked into jail Thursday after claims emerged that she had sex with a student ten times after seducing him on a Christian training program.

…Wey was charged with two counts of conducting an improper relationship between educator and student.

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Just the fact that there are more and more teachers and students being caught at this is becoming too common. And if “being caught” is more common, then can we assume that not all are being caught?  Just how common is this knew “thing”?

So can we be honest? Can we just admit that the vast majority of American’s are not upset about a female librarian-ish teacher taking the young boy by the hand and leading him off for a little “education”? Can we admit that the vast majority of American men groan that they were born too early when they see this sort of thing? Can we admit that the institution, and the culture that funds it, has forgotten how to blush?

The whole thing actually looks like a confederacy of fools. From an early age children are set before a box that pukes sex, sex, sex into their living rooms day and night. They have ipods puking sex, sex, sex–the more edgy and perverted the better–into their ears and minds almost constantly. They’re given a device–compliments of Mom… and Dad if he’s in the picture–that can access in three seconds the most depraved porn imaginable in the world. And they’re sent to an institution that loves to teach sex, sex, sex, and that thinks even the thought of abstinence is nothing more than backward, foolhardy, religion-speak.

And then in that schoolhouse they’re put under the charge of young teachers who are not that long graduated from 17 years of the same indoctrination. And when these people do what they’ve been programmed to do for their entire lives, we want to call it… what? Inappropriate? Improper? That, my dear friends, would be foolishness. The whole thing is a circus; fun for all, at the expense of the young man or woman. But they’re the real victims, sent into the institution, totally dependent on his parents and elders to do the right thing until they can figure a few things out for themselves, only to be exploited.

Precious children deserve better. The state has departed “better”. It can’t be fixed. You have but one choice.

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