Reason 132: Because It’s Good For The Children

I love watching children, especially young children. It is a fascinating thing to me, and they’re so precious. The thoughts of anyone doing anything bad to one of them causes a deep emotional response in me. This is true for most normal people I think. No one likes to see a baby abused or hurt. But this emotional response is also a tool in the hands of evil people. That’s why “it’s for the children” is such a common rallying cry, whether it’s actually for the children or not.

Here is an example. The CDC, wants to do a better job, “for the children” by teaching them how to have sex without catching all those pesky diseases out there:

From Life Site:

CDC: Middle schools need to teach contraceptive use more often

Not enough teenagers are being taught about condoms, artificial birth control, and other “skills” “needed to avoid HIV, other STDs, and unintended pregnancy,” says a new government report.

Every other year, the CDC surveys the nation’s high schools and middle schools. Last Wednesday, it released the results of the 2014 School Health Profiles Survey at the National HIV Prevention Conference. The results covered a wide variety of health behaviors, including a section on sexual education.

Of course, if it really was “for the children”, and not for “Planned Parenthood’s bottom line”, or “for” perverts in power to live vicariously, or maybe not so vicariously, their fantasies of youthful sexcapades, they’d teach abstinence, just like they do with guns, tobacco, and pro American sentiment.

Of course the advice from the government CDC will be followed by the government DOE, with the help of PP, and the NEA, because none of these can ever be satisfied when it comes to your children copulating.

But if these agencies and organizations really did things “for the children” they’d first abolish the entire modern concept of public education, which is not “good for the children”, or anyone else for that matter. What is “good for the children” is a loving home where marriage and abstinence until marriage is taught. Maybe, just maybe, if you are successful with your children, they will grow up and be productive citizens, get married for life, have children and grandchildren who will all be instilled with the same ideas of success and happiness. That, my friends, if good for the children.

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  1. Sure, because kids are such good rule followers, and there is no way that they’d take the “we expect you to have sex — why aren’t you doing it already?!” message seriously but not the “but always use protection properly” message seriously. /sarcasm

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