Reason 136: Because Parents Ought To Be In Charge Of Religious Instruction

Here we have a story about a school banning the phrase “God Bless America” after the Pledge Of Allegiance. The tradition was evidently started after the 9/11 attacks when it felt a little more okay. The ACLU was laying a little low for awhile after that date, but only a little while. We should make no mistake however that it is the ACLU that decides what religion your child will be indoctrinated with so that soon it won’t matter what you thought you wanted your child to know about such things. The article:

NJ School Bans Children From Saying ‘God Bless America

The article goes on to explain the lie that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” actually means that “congress can make laws outlawing God (not religion) from anything government”.  And of course that would include the government school you’re sending your child to, and that it’s fine and necessary to teach atheism, or the religion of Secular Humanism.

But this is all politics and slight of hand. When dumb parents hear the principle say, “there’s nothing I could do… really there wasn’t, because it’s all too expensive” he’s off the hook.

From the article:

Glenview Elementary School Principal Sam Sassano in South Jersey revealed that the American Civil Liberties Union warned him that the practice supposedly violates the separation of church and state, NBC10 Philadelphia reported on Tuesday.
This is all you really need to know from the article:
The school principal revealed, however, that the decision has been made to stop using the phrase, in order to avoid legal fees and a constitutional battle.

So the bullies win, and your child loses. But that’s the way of the state. It doesn’t have to be your way. The time will come when the bullies will come for you. but now they just want your children.

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