Reason 140: Because The Schoolhouse Is A Lost Cause

In my research for this blog I discovered this particular gym of a website. As I flipped through the pictures of these unhappy women who were unfortunate enough to get caught seducing other people’s sons into their sexcapades, I couldn’t help but notice how the pictures seemed like the line up at some kind of amature porn site or something. In this day, with the ready ability to capture and transmit imagery, I’m sure there are many young boys and girls, and even their teachers, whose pictures have already found their way onto illicit websites around the world.

But at any rate, take a look at this site. Flip through the line-up. Think back to being an immature young student. When I was in the institution boys would look around and wonder if a particular girl was willing. I guess in this new age the young men are looking at the teachers and asking that same question.

Notorious teacher sex scandals

Note 1: Know that this is by no means an exhaustive list. And know that all who are guilty are not women. In fact there are probably more guilty men, but girls are not as likely to claim bragging rights with friends when they bag a teacher twice twice their age.

Note 2: I don’t’ categorize these posts as “pedophilia” because they’re not. Man does not get to arbitrarily assign an age at which a human becomes an adult. But he can, on the other hand, arbitrarily treat young adults like children when they’re really not, and unwittingly keep them acting like children long after they’ve become adults.

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