Reason 142: Because The Institution Has Disconnected Education’s Purpose From Education

First let me say that education is a good thing. That’s why I’m writing this blog in fact. Education is right up there with eating, marrying, cleaving, and producing children. But like all good things, the good thing can become an idol which is worshiped. Then the good thing becomes a bad thing. Education has no eyes and no ears, naturally it cannot see or hear. When we worship an idol, the Bible says that we become “like our idols”. So consequently, if we worship education, we find that we more and more become like it, not seeing or hearing.

One of the truth’s that the institution has forgotten, or perhaps more aptly put, that it can no longer hear or see, is that man is in a predicament. I have written about predicament on another blog in a post titled, “Economics = Blackmail”

A bit:

If I lie on the sofa, and never get up, I will die from lack of water. I must have water to live. Simple I know, but it is a harsh reality that isn’t often considered. I have to procure water, either by getting it myself, coercing someone else to get it for me, or doing without and dying. The number one implication here is that our existence requires the exertion of effort by someone in order for it to continue.

The bottom line is that unless education is directed toward production, it is useless. Education solely for the sake of knowing therefore makes one a leech on society. Knowing therefore how to use a condom, is not education. Or knowing that one ought to look at a man and see a woman, produces nothing.  Or learning how one might find the way in which he has become a victim of some sort, and then becoming very angry about that, and then exploiting others on account of it, is likewise unproductive.

Or, learning things that no one has any need of is also unproductive. Just because someone got that $150.000 education therefore, and enriched the institution and its minions while at it, doesn’t mean that that same one will not have to produce hamburgers to pay his rent. And because of the sorry state of education, many an education worshiping graduate has had to learn the hard way that the institution is not only a failed institution, it is a lying one too. In the end the institution got theirs, “so flip those burgers boy and pay those you borrowed from what you owe.”

On the other hand if one seeks to learn a vocation, which is another word for “calling” , and he seeks to learn how to fulfill that vocation, which will lead to producing something, then that’s great. It’s just simple economics. Of course the institution is a self-worshiping part of the god/state. It will, if it can, convince all in its charge that it is the passage way to a life of prosperity, sex and happiness, and that all should come to it, hat in hand, (full of cash) to earn its divine blessing.

But at home, parents are more down to earth. They are more likely to understand that production is the name of the game, not education. They will also know that to produce what lots of people are willing to pay for, and not education, is the purpose of education.



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