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Reason 132: Because It’s Good For The Children

I love watching children, especially young children. It is a fascinating thing to me, and they’re so precious. The thoughts of anyone doing anything bad to one of them causes a deep emotional response in me. This is true for most normal people I think. No one likes to see a baby abused or hurt. But this emotional response is also a tool in the hands of evil people. That’s why “it’s for the children” is such a common rallying cry, whether it’s actually for the children or not.

Here is an example. The CDC, wants to do a better job, “for the children” by teaching them how to have sex without catching all those pesky diseases out there:

From Life Site:

CDC: Middle schools need to teach contraceptive use more often

Not enough teenagers are being taught about condoms, artificial birth control, and other “skills” “needed to avoid HIV, other STDs, and unintended pregnancy,” says a new government report.

Every other year, the CDC surveys the nation’s high schools and middle schools. Last Wednesday, it released the results of the 2014 School Health Profiles Survey at the National HIV Prevention Conference. The results covered a wide variety of health behaviors, including a section on sexual education.

Of course, if it really was “for the children”, and not for “Planned Parenthood’s bottom line”, or “for” perverts in power to live vicariously, or maybe not so vicariously, their fantasies of youthful sexcapades, they’d teach abstinence, just like they do with guns, tobacco, and pro American sentiment.

Of course the advice from the government CDC will be followed by the government DOE, with the help of PP, and the NEA, because none of these can ever be satisfied when it comes to your children copulating.

But if these agencies and organizations really did things “for the children” they’d first abolish the entire modern concept of public education, which is not “good for the children”, or anyone else for that matter. What is “good for the children” is a loving home where marriage and abstinence until marriage is taught. Maybe, just maybe, if you are successful with your children, they will grow up and be productive citizens, get married for life, have children and grandchildren who will all be instilled with the same ideas of success and happiness. That, my friends, if good for the children.

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Reason 131: Because Crocodile Tears Don’t Fix Anything

From DailyMail

Texas high school math teacher, 28, arrested over ‘sexual contact’ with 17-year-old students after ‘seducing one on a Christian training program

A 28-year-old high school maths teacher has been arrested over alleged sexual relationships with two 17-year-old students.

Haeli Wey, who taught math at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, was booked into jail Thursday after claims emerged that she had sex with a student ten times after seducing him on a Christian training program.

…Wey was charged with two counts of conducting an improper relationship between educator and student.

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(Read more:
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Just the fact that there are more and more teachers and students being caught at this is becoming too common. And if “being caught” is more common, then can we assume that not all are being caught?  Just how common is this knew “thing”?

So can we be honest? Can we just admit that the vast majority of American’s are not upset about a female librarian-ish teacher taking the young boy by the hand and leading him off for a little “education”? Can we admit that the vast majority of American men groan that they were born too early when they see this sort of thing? Can we admit that the institution, and the culture that funds it, has forgotten how to blush?

The whole thing actually looks like a confederacy of fools. From an early age children are set before a box that pukes sex, sex, sex into their living rooms day and night. They have ipods puking sex, sex, sex–the more edgy and perverted the better–into their ears and minds almost constantly. They’re given a device–compliments of Mom… and Dad if he’s in the picture–that can access in three seconds the most depraved porn imaginable in the world. And they’re sent to an institution that loves to teach sex, sex, sex, and that thinks even the thought of abstinence is nothing more than backward, foolhardy, religion-speak.

And then in that schoolhouse they’re put under the charge of young teachers who are not that long graduated from 17 years of the same indoctrination. And when these people do what they’ve been programmed to do for their entire lives, we want to call it… what? Inappropriate? Improper? That, my dear friends, would be foolishness. The whole thing is a circus; fun for all, at the expense of the young man or woman. But they’re the real victims, sent into the institution, totally dependent on his parents and elders to do the right thing until they can figure a few things out for themselves, only to be exploited.

Precious children deserve better. The state has departed “better”. It can’t be fixed. You have but one choice.

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Reason 130: Because The Institution Is Like A Battered Girlfriend When It Comes To Islam

The problem is that Secular Humanism that is the established religion of your child’s school wants so badly to hate God and religion. But bless its heart, it can’t, at least not completely. But it sure has given it a jolly good go.

The problem is that Humanism is a religion ready made for Islam. There are lots of reasons for this. Secular Humanism’s unavoidable belief that it is superior to all other beliefs; superior yes, but not more true, at least not in its own eyes, which is an important distinction.  They are Secular Humanism’s belief that all religions are valid, just so long as they accept that the state trumps all of them, as well as Secular Humanism’s belief that man is basically good. These are two things that make Humanism a patsy for Islam which will use the very same playbook that Humanist’s have used for years. It will portray its adherents as victims and therein endear itself to humanism, which never encountered a victim it didn’t like, especially if those victims claim to be the victim of the worst religion of all time, Christianity. In keeping with Humanism’s playbook, it is coining words like “Islamophbia”, and using the most beloved discussion-stopper of beloved discussion-stoppers, “racist”, for shutting down discussion.  And it will all the while claim to only desire acceptance.

All of these of course resonate with the Secular Humanist, who finds himself in a love affair with a religion that actually does everything that Christians are accused of doing. Of course Secular Humanism knows this, and it hates it, but it can’t help itself because it is addicted to “state”, and Islam is “state”. In fact, in Islam, there is no distinction between religion and “state”.  The Islamist, the state and the Secular Humanist are all in a love triangle. But Secular humanism, though it doesn’t know it yet, will be the looser. But the biggest losers will be the children that the state made ripe for Islam’s picking come harvest time.

For the time being however we can see why it seems so natural, given all this bad love, that Islam would be given a warm welcome into the Humanist’s venue for indoctrinating your sons and daughters.

This brings us to the article today from American Thinker:

Islam In Our Schools

Creeping sharia infiltrates every nook and cranny of America. Including our classrooms. Among other things, the Muslim Brotherhood (as well as the Saudis) wields enormous influence over curriculum that threatens not only public schools, but private and parochial schools as well.

…Students learned to recite allegiance to Allah along with Muslim prayers and chants. Students were also taught the Five Pillars of Islam, that Muslims pray to the same God as Christians and Jews, that Mohammed was a man with strong moral values, that terrorists are “freedom fighters,” that Muslims treat those they conquer better than America does, along with the taqiyya version of CAIR’s mission. Sharia law was promoted, Qurans were introduced into classrooms, students studied Arabic, female students wore burqas as part of a lesson on Islam, and special courses on Islam prohibited students from wearing a cross or saying the name “Jesus.”

…Teachers who spoke out were punished. An elementary school teacher was forced to resign after making critical comments about Islam on a talk radio program, CAIR attempted to smear another teacher by accusing her of being a “racist” after she drew an analogy between the Taliban and Hamas during a lesson on bullying, and Christian teachers were harassed by Muslims in the school hierarchy.

(See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

So where do things stand today? Sadly, we have more of the same. Much more of it, as Islamic supremacy continues to gain ground in our schools. (See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

Please read more at:
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But they haven’t gotten to the place where they will confiscate your children just yet. But they will. For now enough freedom remains to give your child a chance.

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Reason 129: Because Why Would You Want Your Child To Be Taught Hatred?

Disharmony, chaos, division… and yes hatred, are all wins for the state. And anything that is a win for the state is a win for the institution. But it makes your child out to be a loser, not only a loser in society, but in his own skin. Keeping blacks and guilty white liberals whipped into a mindless froth due to pass injustices does nothing for healing, but instead keeps injustices that happened to have happened in an extremely narrow band of history, alive and in the forefront.

Here is the article from a local news station:

Controversial Dayton HS assignment prompts apology

Evidently the children had to write something on this picture:

Yes, it’s great to prejudge all policemen as KKK thugs, and to paint all young boys who happen to be black as nice little victims. That is great if want your child to grow up a hater.

But if you teach your child at home, you can teach him that no human being, be they black, white, red, yellow or no matter what profession, has escaped the ravages of his sinful nature. And you can teach him that in all walks of life, there are those who conquer their propensity to sin by conquering and restraining themselves, and there are those who don’t. And of those who don’t, no race has managed to corner the market on righteousness or sin. Teach them that, and they will grow up to be descent human beings. But let the institution plant the blaming, revenge and hatred seed in your child’s mind and he will reap a whirlwind of self-destruction, which will make him ripe for slavery.

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Reason 128: Because You Don’t Want To Fail The Parent Test

The headline from this story caught my attention. It asks a true/false question:

This is one test you don’t want to fail. Religion is not under attack in the classroom. Indeed the state has established Secular Humanism as the religion that will be taught to your child. Islam is not under attack in the classroom either. Hinduism, Buddhism or Wicca is not under attack either.  But Christianity is. And in the same way that one doesn’t give his five year old a gun and send him into the war being waged against him by the enemy, he definitely ought not send his five year old into the enemy’s camp for indoctrination either… even if the enemy does promise he’ll grow up and get that great desk job with good health beni’s.

Please don’t buy the “diversity” line either; that there all kinds of religions represented and all have to be tolerant of all others. The institution is not tolerant of diversity and indeed fears it.  Say it with me, “There is no diversity in the state school.”

From the article:

Just this week we were made aware of some significantly concerning assignments given to English students at a public high school in West Virginia. Specifically, it appears the teacher has been promoting a negative attitude toward Christianity, evidencing a hostility toward religion that runs afoul of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Additionally, a recent quiz given by the same teacher asked students to identify the truth or falsity of certain statements, including statements that constitute matters of religious belief and others that are not only unnecessarily controversial and inappropriate but also matters of pure opinion. In light of constitutional restrictions and requirements regarding public school curricular matters, it is clear that such assignments have no place in the classroom. Even setting aside the constitutional concerns, it is simply difficult to comprehend any component of the English curricular standards that is furthered by such exercises.

And all of this while Islam is treated with the warmest of affections.

I do hate to break it to you but the government school is a lost cause. It is a democrat factory, and democrats have always been all in for slavery, and it does not discriminate. Any color slave will do, just so long as the slave worships the state and gives them unfettered dictatorial control.

But while your child might have to live with slaves, who act like slaves and think as slaves. She does not have to BE a slave. You CAN teach her better, and you ought to.


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Reason 127: Because The Institution Is Lawless

Here we have a story from the guys at the Alliance Defending Freedom:

Wyoming school district lifts ban on private prayer in school cafeterias

WHEATLAND, Wyo. – Platte County School District #1 has lifted its ban on non-disruptive, private prayer in its school cafeterias after receiving a letter from Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of three students that explained that such prayer is completely legal and constitutional.

…The parent of three of the children discussed the situation with Twiford and District Superintendent Dennis Fischer, but the two stood by the ban, claiming that the Constitution prohibited the prayer because any other students observing it were a “captive audience,” according to information they claimed to read from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Well yes, of course it’s legal and constitutional. It doesn’t take twenty years in lawyer school to know that the law against  “…prohibiting the free exercise…” of something means that it is not to be prohibited.  On the contrary, it might take twenty years of indoctrination to finally come around to “not prohibit the free exercise of” something actually means that the free exercise of that thing must be prohibited, which is exactly what happened in this school. But what should one expect when the institution goes to lawless organizations like the ACLU for clarity on law? This is just more whack-a-mole games. The ACLU and the institution, which in reality are one, lost on this one. But rest assured, they will never give up on your child… IF your child is placed in their charge.

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Reason 126: Because Children Were Not Designed For The State School

If there’s one thing I’ve learned writing this blog it’s that the institution outgrew its charter to teach children long ago. “Teaching” is simply no longer its main purpose. I’d say that it’s number one purpose is to advance socialism and the democrat party. But bringing masses of children into the system is a messy business because, well, they’re people. They have minds of their own… at least for the time being. But worse than that they’re very young people who were never designed to be stuck in a classroom sitting at a desk for most of their young waking hours.

The last thing the institution wants to deal with is the actual humanity of the poor souls put under its charge. So that’s where big pharmaceutical gets its cut of the education money-pie. With modern medicine, the children can be made to look like the little machines the state desires them to be until they can be turned into real machines.

Please don’t let the self-serving state turn your normal, healthy child into a drug addict! Keep him home where he is loved, and will get the best education, and actually have fun doing it.


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Reason 125: Because The Diversity That The State’s Established Religion Has Embraced Is A Sham

Where is it written that “diversity” is righteous? Answer? Nowhere. So why all the fuss over the matter? Well, like most all other moonbat schemes, they’re cooked up in the minds of elitist who are convinced that Utopia is possible and they’re the bright lights we should follow if that Utopia is to be ushered in.  But it isn’t wise to follow those whose compass always points toward themselves.

So these self-oriented moonbats who are running your child’s school have taken it on themselves to lift up diversity as worthy of worship. The only problem is that they fail to honor their little man-made god by rejecting diversity, and here we see an excellent example from England from “The Christian Institute”:

Govt fears homeschooling parents are ‘poisoning’ kids

The Education Secretary has ordered officials to review home education in England over fears that parents could be ‘poisoning’ their children’s minds.

According to senior Government sources, home schooling is now “on the radar”, and they want to discover exactly how many children are taught at home, beyond the reach of inspectors.

Poisoning the children’s minds? Might I suggest to them a little different wording than “poisoning their minds”? Wording that I in fact dredged up myself from their own intellectual and moral swamp? Why not say, “we fear that these parents are exercising too much diversity by teaching their children to think differently than we want them to think?”

Of course elitists are masters at compartmentalizing. When they want you to abandon your strongly held beliefs they speak from the compartment of moral relativism and diversity. But when your thinking doesn’t line up with  their thinking, then they speak from the compartment of “poisoning minds”.  Worse, they are so internally oriented, I’m convinced that they don’t even know that they’re doing it. And these are the people who are running the schoolhouse in your neighborhood. In the end the children placed in their charge are sent into the world confused, which is as it should be if the goal is for them to serve and worship the state and their elitist masters.

I wrote an article years ago which explains that I’m not poisoning my children’s minds, I’m poisoning their wells. I’m actually pointing out this very sort of hypocrisy to my children. We actually make these elitists the butts of our jokes as we laugh at their absurdity. But the results of sticking any child under their tutelage is no laughing matter at all. It’s a tragedy.


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Reason 124: Because The Institution Is An Institution Of Confusion

There can be no doubt that the schoolhouse has become the institution of confusion. Our words are important. If the institution insists that circles be called squares, then no one knows what to call a circle. Most don’t think about these things because there’s no need. But not so in the institution of confusion. Most people know what words mean. They know intuitively that marriage is the joining together of a male and female. They know that if a human has a penis and male chromosomes that he is a male.  But not for the institution.

So we have this story from Life Site:

Coming to your child’s school: The new indoctrination of ‘Transgender Awareness Month’

If your child’s middle school or high school doesn’t have “Transgender Awareness Month” yet, get ready. A whole new world of indoctrination is on the horizon.

It’s tempting for conservatives to say that the transgender anti-discrimination & public accommodation laws being pushed these days by the LGBT lobby are simply “bathroom bills”. Yes, they do allow cross-dressing men to go into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. But it’s really a lot more than that.

The LGBT lobby sees this as a stepping-stone — for leveraging the concept of “transgender non-discrimination” into psychologically forcing the inversion of people’s mental and emotional perception of the natural order of male and female. And they are starting with children, who are the most vulnerable to such ideas.

This past November was heralded as “Transgender Awareness Month” by the national LGBT movement. That’s not itself a new thing for them. But this year, on the heels of the “gender identity non-discrimination” initiatives around the country,  it’s being re-packaged into a major part of their movement’s assault on society. We predict that it will be soon be one of the most powerful propaganda tools in their arsenal.

Does this seem like a good plan for your child? And it’s just the beginning. Who knows what kind of cockamamine schems these children, when they’re older, will conjure up for your grandchildren. All restraint has been cast off. It’s over for the government school. It cannot be repaired. Best to evacuate while you can.

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Reason 123: Because The god/state Is A Jealous god/state

Here we have a story from Idaho wherein a poor lunchroom worker’s job is hanging in the balance because she apparently gave a student a lunch.

School moves to fire lunch lady for giving away $1.70 meal to needy student

POCATELLO, Idaho – Lunch lady Darlene Bowden could lose her job for giving away a free lunch to a hungry student, despite offering to pay for the $1.70 lunch out of her own pocket.

Bowden told the Idaho State Journal she was placed on unpaid “termination leave” by her supervisor at the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25 for giving away a lunch to a hungry 12-year-old at Irving Middle School who didn’t have money to cover the meal.

So we can assume that, if anyone’s going to get credit for giving away other people’s money, it’s not going to be a lowly lunchroom worker.

It’s a fascinating story really. If a student arrives at the checkout and doesn’t have enough money to pay, then the entire lunch is dumped into the trash, according to the article, and the child is “discreetly” given a milk and PBJ sandwich. I’m sure none of the other students in the institutional feeding hall have any clue what it means when a poor child sits down among his fellow students with his brown bag of government compassion.

So here we have the institution ready to spend tons of other people’s money to ensure boys who think they’re girls– or simply like looking at naked girls–can use the girls locker rooms and bathrooms. But a poor lunchroom worker is on the ropes because she gave away a buck-seventy lunch. As the article reveals, this lady is well known and well received in the schoolhouse, and that just won’t do. The god/state is to be praised for all magnanimity at the taxpayer’s expense , not the lowly.

The truth is that your eleven year old is mature enough to fix her own lunch, and even mature enough to fix the family’s lunch. Not only that, it’s educational for an 11 year old to prepare meals because when you homeschool, as I always say, school is never necessarily not in session.


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