Reason 149: Because Your Children Will Be Taught To Judge You Harshly According To A Hoax

Climate change is real. It gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer. There was once an ice age, now we are somewhere else in a very large and continuous cycle. But that said, the hubris of man and his institutions thinking that a few people can govern the temperature of the planet, and actually cool it off, is a spectacle to behold indeed. It just goes to demonstrate the futility of man’s vanity. But your child does not have to be indoctrinated into that hubris.

Youth Indoctrination: Climate groups using kids to promote alarmism [VIDEO]

Make no mistake, “Climate Groups” = “Marxist groups”. The goal is collectivism through the-sky-is-falling-and-we’re-all-gonna-die fear tactics.  And your children will be nothing more than tools in their hands… if you let them be.

In this article there is a video of a fourteen year old young woman, who is obviously an expert on global climate and it’s mean temperatures for the last ten thousand years. Either that, or she is simply parroting what she’s been told, and the line that she’s been indoctrinated into, because we all know a lie is more believable when it’s regurgitated from a “kid”, right?  What a shame for this young woman, to be given a cause in life, at such a young age, that is such a futile thing.

The video here:


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