Reason 151: Because If You Think Homosexuality Is Cool For Other People’s Children, That Doesn’t Mean You Want Your Own Child Made Into One

The Democrats have plans for your Kindergarten children, and they’re trying to get those plans encapsulated into law. Consider this article:

Democrats Try To Mandate Sex Ed For 5-Year-Olds, Teach Homosexuality Is A “Positive Alternative Lifestyle”

And of course, it’s “for all the children” who evidently, at five years old, are having a problem with not using condoms or something:

“We have so many uneducated people out there, especially youth, who are jeopardizing so much about their health, the community’s health. And we’re leaving them uneducated,” Rep. Juan Mendez, the bill’s main sponsor, said.

Why of course, using an anus for a vagina is going to be unhealthy. So why teach such behavior as a positive? The answer, because they couldn’t care less about your child’s health, they want their own consciouses assuaged by getting the approval of society through indoctrination. So just remember, by “uneducated” Mendez means “un-indoctrinated”.

As I’ve said before, the institution is never going to give up on your child. It will fight with all its might to make sure that your child either chooses homosexuality for himself, or embraces it. Democrats, which are the institution, which is the state, have taken upon themselves to everything that has ever been normal behavior in humanity, and start making it up as they go. And they have every intention of dragging your children behind them… if you let them.

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