Reason 152: Because You Don’t Want A Machine Raising Your Children To Be Cogs

Never forget that the state works like a machine. If you get crossways with it, it has millions of laws to use against you, and millions of confiscated dollars with which to pursue their ire. That’s exactly what happened to this poor lady who simply wanted different people in the machine that is educating her children. Too bad, so sad, the machine has plans for her children to become cogs somewhere, and she needn’t think that she’s going to get in the way of that.

This Mom Wanted Voters to Pay Attention to an Election. Instead, She Got Sued.

A Colorado mother got caught in a legal battle after buying two ads in a local newspaper to encourage voters to brush up on the candidates running for school board… To spread the word, she placed the ads, listing the names of candidates without advocating for or against any one contender.

…[The] school system officials used Colorado’s campaign finance system to sue her on two counts of violating the law in what she says was an attempt to silence her for the remainder of the election in the Byers School District.

So now, while the statists in their cushy jobs at the schoolhouse system sleep easy at night using tax dollars to go after this poor lady, she will be laying awake wondering how she’s ever going to pay the lawyer bills.

It really is much cheaper, and more peaceful and productive too, to teach your children at home. I hope this mother learns her lesson.

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