Reason 153: Simply Because The Machine Wants Your Children In The First Place

When you’re the machine, and you see an increasing exodus from the bowels of your bureaucratic hell, what do you do? You become a bully, that’s what you do. Except you become a bully that would make the school yard terror seem like a lap kitten. How? That’s easy, you use the power of the bureaucracy, the millions of laws and regulations at your disposal, and the millions of dollars confiscated from the citizenry, then you turn those parents, who love their children enough to spare them from your indoctrination, into criminals.

We can see this in Ohio where the institution is doing just that:

Homeschoolers face 23 yrs. in jail for late paperwork

A bit from the article:

Despite the fact that each of the families were relatively new to homeschooling in Ohio — along with hundreds of other families around the country who report having trouble navigating their state’s notice requirements for the first time each year — school district officials filed criminal complaints against them.

This severe course of action of having both families served — which can cost them tens of thousands of dollars in fines and decades behind bars — has baffled attorneys with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which serves its 80,000 member families across America.

“Even when a family may have missed a key filing deadline, these situations can often be quickly corrected,” HSLDA Staff Attorney Peter Kamakawiwoole. “And usually, if the family resolves the issue promptly, state officials rarely pursue further action — like criminal prosecution — against the parents.”

Once they discovered the errors, both families quickly righted the wrong(s) … but no matter.

Thank God for the Home School Legal Defense Fund, and organization that exists because of the preponderance of bureaucratic hacks. My advice to the institution is for them to take a look into their own closets, there’s plenty of scum floating around in there. My advice to all parents is get your children out of those closets yesterday.

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