Reason 154: Because Children Don’t Have The Necessary Life Experience

Young children are just that, young children. Their parents put them on the sidewalk in the mornings and a big yellow monster comes along and swallows them up. Does the child ask why? No, that’s just the way things are. And to be abused at school by bullies, bureaucrats, government workers and bus drivers is also, “just the way things are”; at least that’s how many young children see it. A child simply doesn’t have the wherewithal to navigate the hell that awaits him at the institution. And many times he is afraid to tell his parents about it. I know I was.

Here we have a situation in which this very thing happened. The little girl comes home and makes a passing comment about school not being all that great on a particular day, but this dad thought her comment worth looking into.

Dad Senses Something is Wrong At School. Then He Sees What the Bus Aides Are Doing to His Daughter

This is a no win for everybody, including the school workers, but mostly it is a no win for the child. This dad is not going to change the system, but he can change his daughter’s school to the best one ever. And that’s what he ought to do.

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