Reason 155: No One Should Allow Their Children To Grow Up As Ignorant As The Institution Will Make Them

This video is just rich. It is of a young lady in man-on-the-street-interviews, asking questions like, who won the civil war? But she’s not on a high school campus, which would be bad enough, but on a college campus. All but one person shown doesn’t know the answer to her questions, but they do know the answer to pop culture questions. This is sad, yes, but it should also scare us.

Sure, anyone could highlight only the worst cases to make a point. But this is a well known college campus, Cal Polytechnic. One would think that there would be a “well rounded” education going on. I’m going to go out on a limb here also and guess that these students are just as ignorant about economics and thinks that the ever-failing socialist systems are the only way to go. Just a guess though.



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