Reason 156: Because The Institution Is Racist

Here is a story of a woman who has decided to teach her children at home because of racism. As I’ve said before, the why is not as important as the doing, because escape from the system is the most important thing. And if you’re a black person convinced that the school is racist, then that’s as great a reason as any, because if anyone has taken the brunt of liberalism, the education institution, the Democrat party and planned parenthood, it is the black community. So it’s good to see some in that community wising up and saving their children.

From “The Atlanta Black Star”:

Racism Concerns Drive More Black Parents to Consider Homeschooling

Kirksey then saw a Facebook post profiling an African-American, home-schooling family who lived in Colorado. She convinced her husband that home schooling was a great idea then quit her job (where she’d been for a decade) and became her children’s teacher.

Kirksey is excited that she gets to teach her kids a version of history that features African people. She feels it is important for them to know that Black people are an integral part of history, and that African history isn’t limited to slavery. She recently started a unit on African kingdoms as part of Brandon’s lesson plan.

She’s also excited about the fact that education involves the whole community now that she’s home schooling. African culture counts the community as extended family. It is quite common for older members of the community to teach the younger ones a skill or trade. There are also co-ops for other home school families, most of whom are African-American.

These children will be better off in a hundred ways. For one, remember that the institution is for the institution, so the more it foments racial hatred in all races the better it is for the institution and all its parts, and their objective of enslaving all.  I’m going to guess that these parents have better objectives in mind, and learning about the positives of their heritage is no different than any other race learning about the positives of theirs. And who is in a better position to teach those positives than the parents. But better than that, these children will probably receive positive academic studies also,  free from the campus culture where victim-hood and hopelessness is fermented until most, black, white and whatever leave the system drunk on delusion. Also, just like the children of other races, these children will be in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities still available in the US, and hopefully will be instilled with moral values as well, like racism out there does not justify racism in one’s own heart.

Reading the excerpt above, I can see that this woman is already discovering the beauty of home schooling, and she has only just begun on a journey of many more discoveries. I wish her and her children all the best.

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