Reason 158: Because The State Teaches Diversity-Hypocrisy

Anytime anyone has a hare-brained scheme in the name of “inclusion”, you can just know that a whole lot of excluding is coming your way. Case in point:

Minnesota elementary school bans Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to be more inclusive of its diverse student population

The first line says it all:

A St. Paul, Minnesota elementary school has scrapped celebrations of Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to honor the diversity of its student population.

So in this principle’s mind everything should look the same as those who are… what? from out of country? in the name of diversity. But not only that, certain traditional celebrations ought to be excluded in the name of inclusion.

The worst is that this principle doesn’t see his hypocrisy. In our home we learn about all sorts of cultures, but we generally celebrate in accordance with the one we live in. But then again, we don’t confiscate our neighbor’s dollars at gunpoint to run our school either, like the school where this principle works does.

One has to wonder where this will lead. What can be celebrated? What traditions can be kept? In the end I don’t see how this thinking will accomplish anything but turning children into robots who don’t do anything… except what they’re told to do. And no one wants that for their child, I hope. But if they do, the government school is the place to get ‘er done.

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