Reason 159: Because Not Even Those Who Help Make The School House Hell Can Work There…

…so why send your child there? It must be realized that there are answers to the problems at the school house. But the confederacy of evil that is in charge of your school house refuses to allow those answers because those answers get in the way of their agenda, and better that your children be destroyed than their agenda.

Here we have a liberal who decides to be altruistic and give us some pay to go to the public school system and make a difference. He talked it over with his male live in lover and they both agreed that it would be great. The only problem is, when you cast off restraint, you don’t get decide which restraints are going to be cast off, and which ones to keep.

This is an interesting story of failure and self loathing for a man who enter the midst of others who had followed his lead, and rejected all concepts of a higher order. Don’t worry however, he was not deterred in his destructive mindset, he just figured the problem was that he was not strong enough. He’s right by the way. He’s not strong enough to control a school house predicated on rebellion. But he is wrong to think that anyone can… at least not using his ideas.

In any case, here is the story, and I recommend you give it a read:

He Left His Cushy Job to Help a ‘Ghetto’ School. Soon Enough, He Heard Something Horrifying

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