Reason 170: Because It’s Not A Matter of If The Schoolhouse Will Teach Morality

…the only question you need to answer is whose morality will it teach?  And to answer that question one only need look at the recent products of the education system, the so called “millennial” generation:

Not Recycling, Immoral; Viewing Porn, No Problem

Most Millennials feel that there is nothing wrong with pornography and that the real culprit of immorality is not recycling.

That’s one of the startling finds in a comprehensive Barna Group study done on pornography use among Americans and the Church.

Fifty-six percent of young people feel not recycling is bad while just 32 percent feel porn is bad.

Now where would these young ones have gotten an idea like that? Are you looking forward to having a child who demonstrates his “moral” acumen by ensuring that the boxes that his porn shipment came in are recycled?   Is that the best hope you have for your children? If it is, the schoolhouse is will definitely be on your side.

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