Reason 173: Because The Institution Is Foolish

Wise or foolish for school board to do this?


Do wise parents provide condoms to their precious children… you know, just in case? I don’t think so. But then again, I’m all about life having meaning too, and humans having purpose that transcends a present bodily urge. And if I’m successful, my children will be all about those things too. So that raises a question.  What will the child be like if the institution is successful? What will be the ultimate purpose of her existence? How many times will she “fall in love” and give herself away… because condoms? And how many babies will she kill in the process? Is the only worthy goal to make as much money as possible while complaining about so called “climate change” and the guy across town making too much? These are important questions I think.

We get a little insight from a parent in the article:

“It seems so casual. It’s like you get a free lunch for low-income families, but if you need it you can get a free condom,” said Grace Lau, a parent.

Why are these parents upset? What did they expect? They live in San Francisco for goodness sake! Were they too busy being the government stooge to grasp what is readily apparent all around? Evidently so.

So when your child comes home and reveals something about the institution that you think is insane, please don’t look like a moron and and say “I’m shocked”. No one should ever be shocked by anything the institution does, or what happens while your child is in the institution’s care. You just shouldn’t.

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