Reason 179: Because The Institution Is Not A Safe Place

In Reason 175, among others, I discussed teacher/student sexual relationships and the overreaction of the institution that assures us that, “children are gonna to do what children are gonna do.” Today I see this article about the state of New Mexico legalizing adolescent texting:

New Mexico teens can now legally sext each other and exchange nude photos

And here is the all-too-common defense of such a move:

Kids will be kids, and they’re going to make mistakes…

Oh sure. Kids will be kids. It’s a part of your child’s growing up experience. Why its completely normal for every man’s daughter to have nude pictures of herself being passed around the institution’s campus, and we need to decree that as okay, because kids will be kids don’t you know. No need to get upset about it.

So what we can glean from this is that the institution has taken sexting out of their “inappropriate” box and moved it to the “appropriate” box… just like that. So now your child who was involved in “inappropriate” behavior yesterday is now as pure and righteous as the wind driven snow today, thank you government, because the state has decided it is so, and it is, after all, the final arbiter of what is righteous and what is not.

Of course the institution is pushing this, through the ACLU,  because it is well aware that digital photographs in a digital age are completely beyond the control of any one person. And the younger, and more innocent, the better when it comes to perversion. This “law” slams the door open for predators and child pornographers who are using the institution for access to your children.

When you send your child to the schoolhouse, you are not sending her to a safe place. You are giving away control of the vast majority of her young life to strangers in an institution controlled from top down by people who are increasingly blind and lost when it comes to a moral compass. The institution is in a moral free fall. It is no place for your children.


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2 responses to “Reason 179: Because The Institution Is Not A Safe Place

  1. I would say “Unbelievable” if it wasn’t so inevitable. (I noted that the law in New Mexico was signed by a Republican governor.) The reasoning, essentially, is “They’re going to do it, so let’s not get too upset about it.” In a story linked from the link you had about how prevalent sexting has become, there is an interesting quote from a 15-year-old girl.

    “It’s so common nowadays no one sees it as a bad thing any more, it happens so often. But if you are one of the girls who don’t send them you are seen as frigid and scared. If you are one of the girls that do send them you end up being seen as one of the slags or sluts in the year.”

    The New Mexico law specifies “no coercion”. This girl says that the tide of public opinion requires it (read “coercion”). This girl also says that you lose if you don’t and you lose if you do. Which, I suppose, kind of summarizes today’s public school experience.

    • No coercion works about as well as “no guns”. It’s like, “hey, we told them not to do that. You can’t blame us.” It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

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