Reason 185: Because No Child Should Be Taught Relativism

If you’ve never heard of Greg Koukl, please become acquainted with him. I recommend first procuring a book by him and Francis J. Beckwith called, “Relativism, Feet Planted In Mid Air“.  This was my textbook for about a year. I read and re-read it until I could get a handle on what he was teaching. It is a learned skill to discern relativism. After studying this book I was actually able to get an educated professional woman to admit that she thought torturing babies was only wrong for her, but that it was not absolutely wrong because there was no such thing as absolutes. This, my friends, is your world. And it was brought to you by way of the schoolhouse just down the street. And if your children are in that schoolhouse, it is the religion that they’re being indoctrinated into right now.

Koukl also has an excellent blog called “Stand To Reason”. You might check that out also. Today I want to look at an article that points to the world that is being created by the institution. It reveals the hypocrisy of the institution as it attempts to teach “values” like so-called “Social Justice”, or “Marriage Equality”, or “Diversity”, and at the same time teach that values, right, and wrong are personal in nature and relative to you or your culture.

Here is the article as he explains the:

Seven Things You Can’t Do as a Moral Relativist

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