Reason 186: Because Morally Confused “Officials” Will Make Morally Confused Decisions

We’ve talked about the many sexting scandals and the teacher-student sexual escapades, and other “inappropriate” behavior. And we’ve seen the institution wringing its hands over these young students actually doing what they were taught to do from the beginning. But now we have a married woman–in the traditional sense of that word, “marriage”.  And, as a teacher who lives in the digital age might do, she took some nude photos of her husband which she planned on using somehow for a Valentines Day present. Sounds like fun so far to me, and, there’s nothing “inappropriate” either. But then this poor lady steps out of her classroom for a few minutes and a student steals her phone, discovers the photos and distributes them around the schoolhouse. It looks like this has put the schoolhouse in quite the quandary. But they, being serious geniuses, figured out the right course of action: fire the teacher.

A Teacher Texted Nude Photos to Her Husband. Then She Left Her Phone on the Classroom Desk…

When 13-year veteran teacher Leigh Anne Arthur stepped out of her classroom to act as a hall monitor, she says she was only outside for about 5 minutes.

It was during that time, however, that a student at South Carolina’s Union County High School was able to get her cell phone off her desk, find nude pictures of Arthur on her phone, and – using his own phone – snap some copies for himself.

But it was a safe course. They certainly can’t blame the thief and distributor of the porn. Because–well just because. The teacher is a safe fall-guy because she’s married… to someone of the opposite sex, and she’s not a child.

This whole thing is pathetic. This thief should be prosecuted. In the end, however, this vile thief who has violated this poor teacher’s privacy and her personal property has learned a lesson that will stay with him for life; and the other students have learned it too. That lesson is that they live in a morally bankrupt society, and they attend a morally bankrupt institution put into place by that society.

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