Reason 189: Because You Can’t Legislate An Education, And The Institution Doesn’t Even Know It, Nor Does It Care

Centralized power. That, and more of your money is the answer to every problem; or so we are constantly preached to that it is. And when those solutions don’t work, then the solution is to do what hasn’t worked even more. Repeat as necessary until society is so corrupt, stupid and uneducated that they’re ready for government chains.

Here is a great article that speaks of these things:

Republican Dominated Congress Betrays Students

ESSA was cooked up by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democrat Senator Patty Murray. It was passed by a Congress that at best can be called “White Flag,” a term Eagle Forum uses when Republicans are willing to give in to whatever the Democrats want. Despite desperate pleas from parents who took the time to read the bill, the Republican-controlled House passed ESSA with a vote of 359 to 64. The Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill 85 to 12. Many believe those who are supposed to represent the people are actually deceiving them, or too lazy to read the bills they end up passing.

Congress claims that ESSA reins in the power of the Secretary of Education. But under ESSA, according to Education Week, “States would still have to submit accountability plans to the Education Department.” Sounds like federal control. But not to worry because “a state could get a hearing if the department turned down its plan.”(Education Week, 11-30-15)

The public won’t know for a while how bad the law passed in December of 2015 is because they are being lied to by their representatives, by the press, and by many education think tanks and gurus that are praising ESSA as the undoing of NCLB. The talking points aren’t borne out by an actual reading of the 1,061-page law, passed within hours of its release by the committee that reconciled the House and Senate versions. The reconciliation committee stripped out every conservative measure that was previously included.

The article goes on, but the message is clear. The institution is doomed, and those who are subjected to it are going to get exactly what they paid for, a good old government education and indoctrination into slavery. But it doesn’t have to be this way for your child.

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