Reason 193: Because Those In The Militant Perversion Community Have Declared War On Your Children

Here is a story of a battle, one of many which go on all the time, all around us. Some parents have temporary victories in these battles, and some are clear losses, but no matter how they are decided, the parents will always be the ultimate losers. This particular battle is no different.

In this one we have some parents who are fighting the machine, but no matter, they will still lose their children. They don’t seem to understand that their children are human beings, and as such, learning is much more than the three “R’s”.  What is a young person to think when they know that their parents know that the institution loves perversion, defends perversion, and is forced by law to teach perversion, and yet their parents send them there anyway?

If I, as a homeschooling parent, for example, sent my child to the pedophile next door for thirty hours a week, and all the while the child knows that I know that he is a pedophile, and, he knows that I know that the pedophile will be attempting to convince him that his ways are good and righteous, what will he intuitively conclude? How dense would he have to be to conclude anything else? Human beings are not that stupid. Much more is caught than taught.

Here is the story. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. But the real battle was lost when they sent their children to the institution in the first place.

Tennessee county battling LGBT onslaught over “gay” club in high school. Showdown at school board meeting this Monday. MassResistance coming to help!

A couple of notes:

  1. I’m all for fighting these sorts of fights. I’m just against sending my children to be taught by the same institution I’m fighting the fight against.
  2. There are great people in the institution. The parents being spoken of in this article look like a great bunch, even those on the board. But Americans sell their votes for handouts and pet peeves, and the institutionalization of perversion is one of the things the votes that they sell are being used to gain. The schoolhouse is the number one tool in the work of institutionalizing perversion. The fine people who actually do work in the institution will not prevail in a land that has given itself over to these perversions. If they want to win the fight, they’ll have to look down the road beyond their own lives, and prepare their children to be like arrows they will shoot into the future. That starts with a good indoctrination into a Biblical worldview. Sorry, but that’s just the reality.

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