Reason 199: The NEA

I’ve said here many times that you should not look at that sprawling, flat-roofed, brick building down the street as just a place with some teachers, students learning reading and writing, and a principle. If you think that, you are well down the government Pied Piper’s road of deception. In reality it’s a conglomerate of, not only government bureaucracies, but also hordes of para-government organizations like LGBT, ACLU, GLSEN, Planned Parenthood butchers, and CAIR.

But we don’t want to leave out the teachers “union” in this conglomerate, which acts in lockstep with the DOT and the other evil organization who want to have a say in how your child’s mind will ultimately be programmed.

Here is an article from the fine people at “Lifesite” that shows how these power brokers and organizations all work together toward the same end:

Teachers unions back bill allowing adult males to shower with young girls in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Teachers Association – the state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA) – and the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts announced that they support H.B. 1577. So have two professional organizations of public school administrators: the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents and the Massachusetts Association of School Committees.

“Groups that should be advocating for children’s safety have turned against parents and endorsed a legal concept that by nature puts children at risk,” Ryan told LifeSiteNews.

The group has compiled a list of incidents in which men have physically threatened, attempted to rape, or otherwise sexually revealed themselves to women and girls in private facilities.

I doubt that most parents have a clue what really is waiting for their children in that flat-roofed government building just down the street. And even when they learn, after the fact, and are “outraged” and “shocked” to kingdom come, they will still cast their vote for the buffoonery that’s bringing it all about. But for now, it’s legal to opt out of this moral malaise, and that’s exactly what you should do.


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