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Reason 192: Because When It Comes To Protecting Your Children, The Institution Is Hypocritical

An interesting little meme today.

Screenshot (208)

“Gun free zones” are a stupid idea. And as stupid ideas that are also politically correct ideas go, they are fine for your children, but not for the ones who impose them.

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Reason 191: Because Common Core Might Just Be This Bad

A little humor, even though there’s nothing funny about Common Core:

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Reason 190: Because The Old Schoolhouse Ain’t What It Used To Be

Here is a meme quoting the late Frank Zappa. I assume Zappa was a liberal. There is nothing in his “art” that points to an ultimate creator of beauty, or an objective standard of beauty. But still, he at least understood that trashing the document in which our rights are enshrined, even if for the moment trashing them might help us in a given cause, swings the door open wide for despotism. And I’m fairly sure that door has already blown off its hinges, thank you in large part to the schoolhouse and it’s century-long indoctrination process.

Screenshot (203)

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Reason 189: Because You Can’t Legislate An Education, And The Institution Doesn’t Even Know It, Nor Does It Care

Centralized power. That, and more of your money is the answer to every problem; or so we are constantly preached to that it is. And when those solutions don’t work, then the solution is to do what hasn’t worked even more. Repeat as necessary until society is so corrupt, stupid and uneducated that they’re ready for government chains.

Here is a great article that speaks of these things:

Republican Dominated Congress Betrays Students

ESSA was cooked up by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democrat Senator Patty Murray. It was passed by a Congress that at best can be called “White Flag,” a term Eagle Forum uses when Republicans are willing to give in to whatever the Democrats want. Despite desperate pleas from parents who took the time to read the bill, the Republican-controlled House passed ESSA with a vote of 359 to 64. The Republican-controlled Senate passed the bill 85 to 12. Many believe those who are supposed to represent the people are actually deceiving them, or too lazy to read the bills they end up passing.

Congress claims that ESSA reins in the power of the Secretary of Education. But under ESSA, according to Education Week, “States would still have to submit accountability plans to the Education Department.” Sounds like federal control. But not to worry because “a state could get a hearing if the department turned down its plan.”(Education Week, 11-30-15)

The public won’t know for a while how bad the law passed in December of 2015 is because they are being lied to by their representatives, by the press, and by many education think tanks and gurus that are praising ESSA as the undoing of NCLB. The talking points aren’t borne out by an actual reading of the 1,061-page law, passed within hours of its release by the committee that reconciled the House and Senate versions. The reconciliation committee stripped out every conservative measure that was previously included.

The article goes on, but the message is clear. The institution is doomed, and those who are subjected to it are going to get exactly what they paid for, a good old government education and indoctrination into slavery. But it doesn’t have to be this way for your child.

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Reason 188: Because Public Education Is A Scam

Bill Whittle does an excellent job here explaining the politically incestuous relationship between government and government unions. And one of the most powerful government unions is the teacher’s union, the NEA. Watch this and learn how the Democrat Party, government, and all the rest of the confederacy of evil work in unison to ensure your children, while they might not be productive, will at least keep these union members and elitists in their leisure and power.

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Reason 187: Because The Institution Hates Our Nation, And All Nations Except Their Own.

You may occasionally note the category “Nationalism” attached to some of the posts here.  This post addresses this concept. It has two premises which reality dictates to be true: 1)That some nations/cultures are better than others, 2) Patriotism, in a world full of deplorable and sometimes dangerous nations/cultures, is a good thing.

Liberalism rejects both of these premises, and it is pure liberalism that will be taught to your children in the institution. The premise of liberalism, as it pertains to the interactions between nations, is one based on relativism. It demands that all civilizations, cultures and nations are to be considered as equal. It impugns anyone who might suggest that the tribesman–spear in hand searching for some rodent to kill for dinner–is in any way worse than the family gathered around a dinner table with a roast and vegetables, before retiring to the living room for the evening to enjoy some entertainment on their flat-screened, high-definition, smart TV in air conditioned comfort. But it’s the flawed philosophy of relativism, and not reality, logic or plain old common sense that brings the liberal to his erroneous conclusion.  In reality, this philosophy is a ditch because it takes something based on some truth, mixes it with utopian fantasies, and ends up at such an extreme that it veers hard left off the middle of the road and rams hard into the ditch of stupidity; a ditch in which those who exist there must ignore the obvious and embrace fantasy in order to remain in their delusion.

Historians will argue about the cause of the two world wars. I won’t get into these arguments other than to say that they deserve your attention. But one seemingly consistent theme that has many fingers pointing at it as the bases that brought about these horrible events is nationalism. Here is one excerpt from one of many articles that I found on the subject:

Nationalism is an extreme form of patriotism and loyalty to one’s country. Nationalists place the interests of their own country above the interests of other countries. Nationalism was prevalent in early 20th century Europe and was a significant cause of World War I. Most pre-war Europeans believed in the cultural, economic and military supremacy of their nation. Their attitudes and overconfidence were fuelled by things like jingoistic press reporting. The pages of newspapers were often packed with nationalist rhetoric and inflammatory stories or rumours about rival nations. Nationalism could also be found in other aspects of popular culture, including literature, music and theatre. Royals, politicians and diplomats did little to deflate nationalism – and some actively contributed to it with provocative remarks and rhetoric.

So from our modern perspective, we look back into early 20th century Europe and see a collection of highly patriotic and nationalistic nation/states crammed into a shrinking continent. (Shrinking in that advancement in technology had reduced travel across the breadth of the continent from weeks to days… among other things.) And it was this compression combined with nationalism, so it is believed, that ignited both World Wars.

So what is our modern conclusion? Patriotism is evil.

But we are not living in early 20th century Europe today. We are living in an age in which technology has “compressed” the entire world even more, even into a tinder box. For a German in early 20th century Germany to suggest that his nation/culture was superior to his neighbor’s over in France bears no similarity to an American today who suggests… no, he knows that his culture is better than that of the goat rancher in Afganistan.  But the belief is so strong, and the devotion to the idea that love of country leads to war is so high, that otherwise intelligent people are willing to turn themselves into logical pretzels who cannot compare poverty and oppression with plenty and liberty and discern that one is better than the other. To admit such a thing would be “nationalism”, which they all are convinced, leads inevitably to war. And that’s horrible. But what is a nation or culture but a system of ideas generally held by all in it? So hoping to escape their worst nightmare, they enter into it anyway. Seeking to step back from nationalism, they back into nationalism and become devout, hardened-to-the-core, nationalist, who are willing to shed any amount of blood necessary to prove that they do, after all, have the best idea for a system of things in their anti-nationalist beliefs.

Now, I’ve said all of this to lay the groundwork for an article that would otherwise boggle the mind. A friend sent this to me:

Texas Mom Goes to Battle Against High School When Her Son Is Punished for Wearing American Flag Shirt

I’ve spent a considerable amount of space here explaining why in the good ole U S A a high school student might be punished for wearing an American flag on his shirt. As with all bad ideas they normally start out with good ideas and then they just turn stupid. To love one’s nation is the first step toward war–or so we’re supposed to believe–so it only follows then that it is evil for anyone to love one’s country enough to wear its flag on their shirt. But that’s the problem with liberalism. It’s like cancer. It takes something that makes sense, that is reasonable, and it gloms onto it and worships it until it’s evil. With all liberalism’s talk about being “up with the times”, it is living in history and has failed to innovate with the times. It cannot do a self-evaluation. It’s not willing to say that it has been wrong for a half century now. It is stuck, hardened, closed-minded. And it is this very philosophy that is the foundation upon which the education institution rests. It teaches outdated lies to your children, and in this it is dangerous.

If you read the article you will read a story of a bully principal in a diversity worshiping schoolhouse who is in the midst of punishing a student, ostensibly because he doesn’t look like all the rest of the students. But then the principal relents. The mom then gets a bad case of Stockholm Syndrom and falls in love with the out-of-control institution all over again. But she should remember, the institution will fight to its death, it will bankrupt the federal government that funds it even, to hold onto its anti-nationalism philosophy. This mom has won a battle perhaps. But she will lose the war unless she brings her child home and begins to think outside the box that her own stint in the institution put her in.

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Reason 186: Because Morally Confused “Officials” Will Make Morally Confused Decisions

We’ve talked about the many sexting scandals and the teacher-student sexual escapades, and other “inappropriate” behavior. And we’ve seen the institution wringing its hands over these young students actually doing what they were taught to do from the beginning. But now we have a married woman–in the traditional sense of that word, “marriage”.  And, as a teacher who lives in the digital age might do, she took some nude photos of her husband which she planned on using somehow for a Valentines Day present. Sounds like fun so far to me, and, there’s nothing “inappropriate” either. But then this poor lady steps out of her classroom for a few minutes and a student steals her phone, discovers the photos and distributes them around the schoolhouse. It looks like this has put the schoolhouse in quite the quandary. But they, being serious geniuses, figured out the right course of action: fire the teacher.

A Teacher Texted Nude Photos to Her Husband. Then She Left Her Phone on the Classroom Desk…

When 13-year veteran teacher Leigh Anne Arthur stepped out of her classroom to act as a hall monitor, she says she was only outside for about 5 minutes.

It was during that time, however, that a student at South Carolina’s Union County High School was able to get her cell phone off her desk, find nude pictures of Arthur on her phone, and – using his own phone – snap some copies for himself.

But it was a safe course. They certainly can’t blame the thief and distributor of the porn. Because–well just because. The teacher is a safe fall-guy because she’s married… to someone of the opposite sex, and she’s not a child.

This whole thing is pathetic. This thief should be prosecuted. In the end, however, this vile thief who has violated this poor teacher’s privacy and her personal property has learned a lesson that will stay with him for life; and the other students have learned it too. That lesson is that they live in a morally bankrupt society, and they attend a morally bankrupt institution put into place by that society.

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Reason 185: Because No Child Should Be Taught Relativism

If you’ve never heard of Greg Koukl, please become acquainted with him. I recommend first procuring a book by him and Francis J. Beckwith called, “Relativism, Feet Planted In Mid Air“.  This was my textbook for about a year. I read and re-read it until I could get a handle on what he was teaching. It is a learned skill to discern relativism. After studying this book I was actually able to get an educated professional woman to admit that she thought torturing babies was only wrong for her, but that it was not absolutely wrong because there was no such thing as absolutes. This, my friends, is your world. And it was brought to you by way of the schoolhouse just down the street. And if your children are in that schoolhouse, it is the religion that they’re being indoctrinated into right now.

Koukl also has an excellent blog called “Stand To Reason”. You might check that out also. Today I want to look at an article that points to the world that is being created by the institution. It reveals the hypocrisy of the institution as it attempts to teach “values” like so-called “Social Justice”, or “Marriage Equality”, or “Diversity”, and at the same time teach that values, right, and wrong are personal in nature and relative to you or your culture.

Here is the article as he explains the:

Seven Things You Can’t Do as a Moral Relativist

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Reson 184: Because The Institution Is Big Brother, And He’s Watching

Yesterday we talked about the schoolhouse dumping out lunches becaue the students didn’t have the money to pay for them. Here we have a parent who cares enough about his children to send them to school with a lunch in hand and he gets a nasty note from big brother about his choice of food:

Teacher Sends Note Criticizing Daughter’s Lunch, Father Responds Accordingly

The note reads: ”The cafeteria reported to me that Alia’s lunch today included four chocolate bars, a bag of marshmallows, Ritz crackers and a pickle. Please see that she packs a proper lunch tomorrow.”

I’m not going to be one of those horribly judgemental people that the institution taught me not to be and judge this poor parent on his choice of lunch for his children, but I will say I like his response:

The note ended with “Parent signature requested,” and the Pucketts wrote back “Request declined.”

It continues:

Puckett was incensed at the implication he was failing to keep his daughter healthy. “Unfortunately, the letter didn’t have what she had, correctly. She had four pieces of ham, a whole protein meat, she also had some pickles, which we admittedly cheat on pickles every once and awhile as a vegetable, because some fights just aren’t worth having,” Puckett told Heartland Connection.

If you’re going to send your child to the institution, it will behoove you to realize that the institution sees the child’s mind as theirs, and your child’s physical responsibility as yours.

This is about sweets. But it’s creepy all the same as we continue our march toward slavery. The day is sure to come when a parent won’t be allowed to “decline”, and it won’t be about sweets either. If history is any indication of the future, it might well be a note warning another Mr. Pucket that he is not allowed to criticize his superiors in the god-state.

Teach your children liberty. The state will teach them slavery.

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Reason 183: Because Children Are Not Leverage

If you commit some horrible crime, the government will put you into an institution that is, in my opinion, much like the one that you send your child to for an education. But there is a big difference. The poor soul who is in the penitentiary doesn’t have to worry about do-gooders playing around with his meals for health purposes, and he doesn’t have to worry about whether or not someone has paid for them.

A friend posted this article from his local paper and I found it to be fascinating. It shows just one of the conundrums the education institution finds itself in. It seems that when it comes to feeding time some of the students don’t have the money to pay for their meals.  And, just like the children’s institutional brothers and sisters down the street in the prison house, the children have no means of earning money to pay for them either. But there is something that the institution is able to pay for without a problem, early retirements for its unionized employees with pay and benefits till they die. But we won’t talk about that because we’re supposed to be moved by grief for these poor children so that we give the nod for more taxes and cash for the institution so that the teachers can perhaps retire even earlier with better benifits, and the many administrators can get those overdue raises.

But what is really going on here? Parents know that the government is going to take care of their children. So they’re using their children as leverage for free lunches. The institution at the same time responds the same as it does about everything. Pull the institution’s string and it sings the same old thing; “We need more money”. It will never have enough… ever. We know that. It’s government.  But if these children did go hungry for the day, they wouldn’t be the first to do so. There have been millions before them, and there is a good chance that, given the institution’s goals for their nation, hunger may well be a constant companion for them when they grow up. Of course, the article points to the studies that show children will not benefit from the super-duper, excellent education  if they miss that meal. But they define education differently than I do. Missing meals can build character, which is just as much a part of education as any of the social justice, marriage equality, sex, sex, sex, dribble that the institution pushes constantly.  There was a time when the character trait of self-respect would carry the day for a young one, and his parents too. Accepting charity simply would not do. But these are the children of a generation that not only accepts charity, they expect it, and even demand it.

I may be so broke some day that my children may have to miss a meal. But we will miss that meal with full hearts, and respect for god’s providence. We won’t be standing in a line being humiliated by the institution as they pour perfectly good food in a trash can while our dining peers watch. At least I can say that it won’t happen while I’m a free man, which may not be much longer if the institution continues in its current successes.

Here’s the story. What a mess:

Let’s redo school lunch


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