Reason 208: Because The Shoolhouse Is Having A Day Of Silence Because Of The Evil You’ve Done

So in a week or so a somber silence will settle on the schoolhouse yard. And as with most somber occasions, it is recognizing unjust harms done to someone by unjust and evil people. In this case, the unjust and evil people are those who find themselves in unison with the history of mankind when it comes to gender and sexuality while at the same time contrary to the blip in history that is the last few decades.

One thing we know, there is much more to this than meets the undiscerning eye. There are lots of messages that will be encoded into your child’s mind on this day, and you will be helping it to be encoded if you agree to send them to the institution that’s encoding it. If that seems like a great plan for you, then by all means get your children to the schoolhouse and tell him to observe this day with all his might. You might even take him to a gay pride march, maybe even dress him up as a little girl with fishnet stockings and a short dress. But if such foolishness seems… well… foolish to you, then why send your child to be educated in a place that will set aside a day for the purpose of calling good evil and evil good?

Here is a great article on the subject:


From the article:

The statedpurpose of DOS is to encourage sympathy and support for students involved in homosexual and cross-dressing behaviors whose voices have been allegedly silenced by the disapproval of society. The unstated purpose is to undermine the true belief that homosexuality and cross-dressing (as well as quackish chemical and surgical interventions) are immoral. Parents should no longer passively countenance the political usurpation of public school classrooms through student silence.

Fascinating use of that word society. Think about it. We are told that morality is a social construct. So if one is to call society immoral, then to what do they appeal? That’s easy. They appeal o their ideas of Utopia, which are enforced by a god/state. So, in the end, it’s not our society that’s disapproving of the acceptance of deviancy? No, it’s only most of our society,  at least for the time being. It’s the part that does not bow its knee to the god/state. Hopefully that is you. And if you want it to be your children too, get them out of the schoolhosue.

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