Reason 209: Because It Should Tell You Something When Death-Lovers Circle Their Wagons Around The Schoolhouse

When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, it is said that “the hit dog yelps”. In the same way, when a reasonable law is passed, it is the unreasonable extremists who are in the business of indoctrinating your children who scream.

To insist that it is evil that a child should be required to have the permission of a parent before having a surgical procedure done is on its face, fanatical and extreme. But it won’t be painted up that way for the masses to evaluate. No, it will be shown as the horror of horrors, and any who oppose it will be painted as Hitler reincarnate.

Here’s the story:

Hysterical reactions to Missouri parental notification bill expose abortion advocates’ extremism

And here’s one little excerpt that explains such hysterics:

It strengthens Missouri’s current parental consent law, which requires minors to get the permission of one parent for an abortion, by requiring that the second parent be notified (not give consent) as well.

Remember two things. 1) To an extremist, normal is extreme, and so normal healthy families will be considered extremists, and hysterically called extremist should they speak up.  2) The institution is an extremist institution from top to bottom. If you send your child there, you need to know that you are sending your child to be taught from an extremist philosophical perspective that will not tolerate a worldview that has been normal for humanity for thousands of years. Think about that.

H/T Eternity Matters

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