Reason 212: Because Your Children Need To Be Taught By Rational Adults

As I’ve said here often, and will say again, you cannot separate all the evil activist organizations from the institution. The perverted butchers at Planned Parenthood is the NEA. The NEA is LGBT. LGBT is the ACLU. The ACLU is the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is CAIR, and on it goes.  So in our article today we have a Michigan School District instituting a thing that would have had them institutionalized not that long ago, and earlier. Did the parents decide this? No. Did they ask for it? No. But these organizations plow ahead, taking their knocks from “outraged parents”, knowing that when the students they’re indoctrinating grow up, all will be just fine.

Michigan Schools To Let Students Choose Gender, Name And Bathroom

 What is it with bathrooms? That’s where boys and girls are segregated, and we just can’t have that.

Michigan’s State Board of Education has drafted a guidance that would push the state’s schools to allow all students, regardless of parental or doctoral input, to choose their gender, name, pronouns, and bathrooms.

The American College of Pediatrics came out with a stance that this sort of thing harms children. But who cares what Pediatricians think?

Spearheaded by board president John C. Austin and signed by state superintendent Brian Whiston, the guidance informs Michigan public schools that only the students themselves–i.e. not their parents or doctors–can determine what their individual gender identities are.

The school system is lost. You will not save it, and it will not help you. It will destroy your children. This is a new age. The school is not what you went to, as articles like this should warn. Get your children out.

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