Reason 214: Because There’s Only One School Where Everyone Feels Welcome

…and that’s your homeschool. It’s a pipe dream, of course, that the elitists have. They envision a happy Utopian world in which everyone is accepting of everyone else. And if you disagree with them on that, you will not be accepted. But same as with most leftist’s fantasies, it’s an impossible dream, and there is no organization that knows this to be true better than the “Counsel on American Islamic Relations”, (CAIR) who, like many other power brokers who want to have their say in your child’s indoctrination, is smart enough to know that its future depends on today’s schoolhouse.

Here’s an interesting article on this subject:

What US Schools Are Now Doing For Muslims Is Unreal

Leave your religion at home folks, unless you’re not a Christain.


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