Reason 215: Because The Schoolhouse Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Good Gun And An Evil Man

When you are in a society that worships the god/state, then the god/state is the only one that can be trusted to carry a gun. A policeman, therefore, at the schoolhouse, with a gun, is A-okay. A dad, not so much. Because only those certified by the state to be righteous enough to be armed are righteous enough to be armed… unless the righteous policeman is protecting himself against a black thug, then perhaps not so much. But we won’t talk about that because it gets too confusing. Suffice it to say that people don’t kill people, guns do, and so guns are evil… or something like that.

So here we have a man free to carry his weapon onto the schoolyard. But the schoolhouse pretends that the man is evil, because he has an evil gun. No, he’s not shooting up the joint like so many others have done. In fact, they would be fortunate to have him there to protect them in case one of their students or graduates happen to take their survival-of-the-fittest mantra to heart.

But we all know the score. It has nothing to do with the gun really but rather it has everything to do with an armed citizen, who ought to be an unarmed slave, which is the ultimate goal of the schoolhouse.

Fascinating read:

When Dad Brings Handgun Into His Toddler’s Music Class, School Officials Can’t Legally Stop Him. So Here’s What They Do Instead.

A bit from the article:

And the school’s response to the father’s actions — all procedural, WOOD-TV reported — has been extensive: Police and administrators escorted the armed father to and from the class, and while he’s there the school is on lockdown.

Hmmm. If only Columbine had thought of this. Don’t raise your boys to be a castrated little serfs, not knowing the difference between a tool and evil. Keep them home, and teach them to respect all tools, including those used to defend freedom against despots and tyrants.

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