Reason 217: Because Just “Walking Out” Won’t Do.

Today is the DOS (Day Of Silence)  that ought to give every discerning parent insight into exactly who’s in control of the schoolhouse they’ve been sending their child to, and who is involved, and has been given lots of leeway in forming their malleable minds. This day, April 15th, is to be the DOS for all the bullying of an exalted group deemed victims, among exalted groups deemed victims.

Here is a nice little poster. But it ask anyone to go far enough. It is therefore misguided:

Screenshot (219)

If you’re sending your child to this institution, you must understand that the government schools discriminate. They decide who will be given say over who it will allow a DOS for, and for who it will reject and malign. It’s still hard for most every-day parents to realize just how radical the institution has become, but suffice to say, if you have a view of human sexuality and family that’s anything like what has been historically held, your friendly neighborhood schoolhouse is opposed to you and your ideas. From the head of the head of the Department of Education, the President, down to many, if not most, of those who serve on the local boards, along with the many organizations such as the ACLU, LGBT, the butchers at Planned Parenthood, and a host of others, you, dear parent are seen as the enemy to what they see as progress. And this is true, not merely on this day, but every single day. This confederacy of evil sees it as their cause to turn your children against you, and human history… every day. Don’t think you’re going to make a statement or a difference by keeping your child home this one day, and then turn right around and send them back to the very institution that sponsored it tomorrow. You won’t. You will simply confirm , perhaps even your children’s indoctrinated suspicions, that you are simply being hateful and bigoted.  The only way you’re going to make a difference is to walk your children out, and then keep them out. Only then, if they’re still young enough, will you salvage them. It’s still legal, and it’s much easier than you think, and you and your child will reap a lifetime of rewards. Otherwise, do yourself a favor. Pay no attention to the rot going in that big flat-roofed windowless government building you’re sending your child to every day, and keep pretending that it’s 1977. Who knows, maybe it will all magically go away.

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