Reason 218: Because Government Education Is In Freefall

Here’s a little joke. And as with all jokes, to be funny it must involve truth. This little joke, however, hits too close to reality to be funny:

Screenshot (218)

Secular Humanism, and its expression in multiculturalism, wrongly, an arrogantly wrongly I might add, supposes all cultures to have a willingness to submit to the god/state, and the rest of the elitist’s whacked out ideas of Utopia.  Islam will not submit. But it will make the secular humanist submit, which it will willingly do. We know it will willingly wilt in the face of belligerence and violence because that’s exactly what it’s doing right now.  And if they have their way, your children will be bowing to it too. And when Islam has its way, then any hope of sensible environmentalism will be lost for a long time.

Put your children on the ark, that is homeschooling. It’s still legal, and you and your family will be much better off for doing it.



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