Reason 219: Because There are A Million Ways To Corrupt Your Child In The Public School

Here’s but one:


A bit:

The universal refrain from the homosexual movement about criticism of the “gay” (GSA) clubs in the schools is that it’s all organized and run by students – not by adults. And that it’s simply a support group for “gay” students who are bullied in school and may even feel suicidal. The main messages, they say, are love and tolerance.

The truth – as we’ve seen over the years – is quite the opposite. One sees numerous radical (and often angry) adult activists connected with these “youth” clubs. The emphasis is on promoting the LGBT political agenda while encouraging sexual experimentation. Besides trying to make kids  comfortable with homosexuality and transgenderism, the adults work to disconnect the kids from their tradition-minded parents.

It’s simple really. This article points to but one brick in a massive wall:

Objective 1: Separate children from their parents using the schoolhouse.

Objective 2: Take control of the schoolhouse.

Objective 3: Destroy objective morality through moral relativism/secular humanism.

Objective 4: Make your child a slave of the god/state

But you don’t have to send your child down this path. It’s still legal for a short time to save your child from the public school.


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